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CBS Inks Deals with Major Portals

November 26, 2009 — Recognizing the importance of the vibrant local online community, the Philippine arm of popular Internet portals JobsDB.com and 88DB.com has forged a partnership with Cebu Bloggers Society in order to reach out to more Cebuanos.

Present during the signing ceremony at Coffee Dream Parkmall were CBS President Mark Monta, VP for Content Management Agnes Jimenez, VP for Events Michael Sinjin Pineda, and SpokespersonKevin Ray Chua.  Marketing Manager Jane Christine Soco and Marketing Supervisor Charisse Teopiz were also there as representatives of JobsDB Philippines. General Manager Racquel Cagurangan, VISMIN Area head Mark Balamon, and advertising specialist Cyruz Honoridez of 88DB.com were the ones who headed the ceremony.

Blogging Job Opportunities Online

The deal with JobsDB Phils., Inc. will allow Cebuano bloggers and their readers to get a first look at thousands of career listings through a new section in the CBS website. They can then post these new job opportunities in their own sites and spark a discussion among their followers and job hunters. CBS will have access to over 6,000 jobs available on JobsDB.com.ph, plus another 50,000 that are based on other Asian cities.

Promoting Cebu’s Tourism Business

88DB.com’s partnership with CBS will focus on Cebu’s flourishing tourism industry, highlighting the province’s unique culture and way of life. As what CBS has been doing since its conception, the group and its members will be promoting Cebu and its many faces that will appeal to domestic and foreign travelers such as hotels, food, and travel options. The Cebu Bloggers Society will also be a major media partner of 88DB events in the island.

Event Partner

For its end, CBS will be posting press releases of events and articles of both JobsDB.com.ph and ph.88DB.com in its website. The two portals will have the opportunity to be partners to future CBS-organized events as speakers, exhibitors, or media sponsors.


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