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Cebu Bloggers Society Wins in the 3rd Digital Filipino Web Awards

It has been a good year for the Cebu Bloggers Society. After bagging the Bloggers Choice Award in the Visayas leg of the Philippine Blog Awards, where several members also won individual awards, the group added another feather to its cap when it won best blog in the community category at the 3rd Digital Filipino Web Awards.

CBS online editor Aileen Estoquia represented the group at the awarding ceremonies last November 12-13, 2009 at the Hotel Intercontinental in Manila and shared with the audience some of the group’s best web practices.

The first tip was unity of vision: CBS aims to promote Cebu through blogging, and every member embraces that. Cebuanos have natural pride in their home and culture, and Cebu is just so exciting a place to live in, so promoting the land of their birth is easy.

Second is organization. The Cebu Bloggers Society is not just any other community. It is run by an intricate structure of people working together. There are three main committees: Events, Membership, and Content Management, which is further divided into the Editing, Photography, and SEO teams. Each committee is headed by a vice-president who reports to the president and to the rest of the executive committee. There is also a Board of Trustees that lays out the policies and direction of the group.

Third is delegation of responsibilities and strength in numbers. Everyone is involved in keeping the group alive. Every member belongs to at least one committee, every member has tasks to fulfill, and everyone is encouraged to contribute to the content of the website. As a result, everyone is invested in and cares about the growth of the community.

Congratulations CBS! Here’s to more growth and let’s rock 2010!


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