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Nick Nichelle Dael

CBS is a prolific group of individuals that has effectively taken blogging and Cebu to a whole new level. Being the elite of the scene, CBS leaves enough room for the up-and-coming to showcase fresh new angles of the already saturated blog stage.

Blogger Bio:

Full Name: Nick Nichelle Dael
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Pamplona, Negros Oriental
Highest Educational Attainment: Undergraduate of BSIT

Nick Nichelle Dael is the owner of In-Indie.Org, and he started way back late 2007. It is where he keeps record of what he does or doesn’t do. This allows him to be fascinated and, at the same time, be tough with himself. One of his latest articles is a voting guide for the 2010 elections.

He is a lover of the thing called art — be it in music, visual arts, writing, or in any way. He has lived his life surrounded by people who inspire him to high heavens and some to bring him back down to earth. As he said, “I want people to become their own artist when getting to know me.”

Trivia: His favorite TV show is The Twilight Zone, and his favorite book is Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger.


The rakista-papa blogger. -Agnes Jimenez, CMC Head

Enigmatic. -Wilhelmina Sarawi, BOT/Secretary

Nick is a good person and a good father. I have met him in the early days of CBS. -Kevin Ray Chua, BOT/Spokesperson


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