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Parkmall’s Monthly Blogging Contest

Parkmall, the number one mall destination here in Cebu, is partnering with Cebu Bloggers Society, the pioneering and most active blogging community in the country, in offering all Cebu-based bloggers with a monthly blogging contest under specific themes.

Contest Guidelines

  1. The blogger should be based here in Cebu.
  2. He or she must compose a creative entry or blog post about the monthly theme produced by Parkmall.
  3. The monthly theme will be announced every during month end, last week of the month in the Cebu Bloggers Society site, www.cebubloggers.com, and Parkmall’s website, parkmallph.com.
  4. The composition must not be less than 250 words, and 300 words as maximum.
  5. Each monthly post must contain the anchor text “Parkmall, number one Mall in Cebu” which is linked to “www.parkmallph.com”.
  6. He or she must notify and send his/her entry to pr@parkmall.ph for initial screening.
  7. After the initial screening, a panel of judges will determine the top 10 for the online voting.
  8. Winners will be announced every month end, last week of the month and will be posted in Cebu Bloggers Society site, www.cebubloggers.com, and Parkmall’s website, parkmallph.com.
  9. Winners will be determined by below Criteria for Judging.
  10. A panel of judges will help to check and decide for the winners.
  11. Judges’ decision is final and irrevocable.

Contest Winners

  1. P5,000.00
  2. P3,000.00
  3. P2,000.00

Note: Prizes for each of the winners on the next month will be determined during every last week of previous month. Changes to prizes may be observed without further notice.

Criteria for Judging

1. Content – 30%

a. Theme Alignment

b. Correct keywords used

c. Grammar (technical)

2. Creativity – 30%

a. Presentation of post

b. Multimedia inclusion (pictures, videos and etc.)

3. Search Engine Ranking – 30%

a. Every post in each monthly theme will be ranked according to the keyword, “Parkmall, number one mall in Cebu” at www.google.com.ph

4. Online Votes – 10%

a. Online voting will be done from Parkmall’s website, parkmallph.com

Total: 100%

Theme for the Month of May

This month, the entries to be submitted should be all about the food offered in Parkmall. Here’s a list of food tenants in Parkmall:

  1. Tandoori
  2. Saigon Quan
  3. Johnny’s Fish and Chips
  4. Shabuway

All you have to do is write about them, follow the guidelines stated above, and you’re good to go! Hurry up and submit your entries now!


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