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Keneley Zyza Esmeña

CBS is an outlet of learning and camaraderie. Good thing about this org. is, you get to mingle with people whose mindset is same as yours — BLOGGING. :D

Blogger Bio:

Full Name: Keneley Zyza Esmeña

Highest Educational Attainment: currently taking up BS Accountancy

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Cebu City

Keneley Zyza Esmeña, commonly known as Zyza, is the owner of The Unknown Writer, a blog where she writes whatever comes to her mind. She’s the sister of CBS’ VP for Membership, Guada Esmeña.

To get to know her more, here’s a short list of random facts about our blogger of the month:

1. She is choosy when it comes to friends because she wants them for keeps.
2. She loves all shades of blue.
3. She’s a certified movie addict!
4. She’s nowhere near perfect, and she laughs at the stupidest things.
5. She loves reading books.
6. She is a MUSIC lover.

We can all see that she’s a fan of the art. She’s interesting, and you can read about that in the testimonials made by co-CBS members. :)


zyza is humorous. liwat ni guada. she’s easy to be friends with, wa’y libog nga pagkataw. talkative pud!:DMikyu Maglasang, Online Editor

pilian og amiga, though dli mailhan ky plastik man. hahaaaaa makahibaw ka nga close mo if sabaan xa. trust me, dli jd na mo tingog nimo if dli xa ganahan nimo. she loves accounting and she is very determined to pass the board exam. as a sister, she is a very good listener and she is my bestfriend. she advise but she sometimes scolded me as if she knows what maturity is. (feeler) sa lovelife, she wants to have the man nga good provider, minus para niya ang y kwarta. ahhaahhahahahaha… that is why wala xa nag uyab2 highskul and college ky ang studyante daw wala pay kwarta, puro ga salig sa allowance. Guada Esmeña, VP-Membership Committee

Zyza’s a good girl, as far as I can tell. She’s very easy to talk to, can easily adapt to things, matud pa sa storyang coolot, “mura kunog ug tubig nga mu-adapt sa iya surroundings” heheheWilhelmina Sarawi, BOT/Secretary

soft-spokenClarence Mongado, BOT

hilumon pero tabian diay, mahinhin pero kiat sad diay parehas sa ate, tarong pero kalog sad diay, in short, maayo na tao si zyza pero naa sad mga kabuang..:)Karen Veloso, Secretary

like what wil said, she knows how to adapt.Mark Alessandrew Abitona, BOT

Zyza is a caring friend. She does not skip a weekend without text messaging her friends. In spite of her busy schedule, she still finds time to enjoy frequent get-togethers with the group. She’s so friendly also, knows how to initiate conversation with new members. Imelith Parpan, CBS Member

si zyza ang nag inusarang “bayot” sa akong kinabuhi.. like her sister said shes a very good listener and adviser too.. oo tabian na xa!.. pag dili xa busy bisag kami ra duha mag txt2 dili jud boring XD…[sweet daw mi XD]. i consider her as one of my closest friend in Cebu…Febryl Lor Zulla, CBS Member

Si Zyza kay pahilum-hilom lang na, pero bright kaayo. Consistent Dean’s Lister na siya. Small but terrible. Hehehe.Agnes Jimenez, VP-Content Management Committee

Matud Nila hilumon si Zysa, hilumon gyud pod diay, pero kung confident na siya sa group musaba nana siya ug kalit.Gerrymie Tampus, BOT

c zyza kay akong amiga nakaila during sa plurk fiesta dd2 sa jolibee ayala…that was a year ago and a couple of months..hahaha… kuan lingaw ikauban, medjo saba-an pd, ug naai gamay na kiatan.com n blood…matudnila buotan n sya,..hahahaha.. peace zyza!!!Jorich Ponio, BOT

zyza is one of the most charming person I’ve met sa CBS…busy lng cya sa studies so she cant go with the gang most of the timeRicky de la Cruz, CBS Member


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