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Jewelmer's Luster for Life

Since its inception in 1979, Jewelmer, a company founded by a French perliculture specialist and a Filipino entrepreneur, has been engaged in South Sea pearl farming with the vision of creating the most lustrous pearls in the world. Thirty years later, Jewelmer continues to be the leading producer of exquisite and rare golden Palawan South Sea pearls and an active participant of international trade fairs as the prominent supplier of Palawan South Sea pearls in the world market.

The company also prides itself in being the only pearl farm company that designs and manufactures fine pearl jewelry, which is a perfect blend of European and Asian artistry and craftsmanship.

Jewelmer’s South Sea pearls come from the pristine marine environment of Palawan, Philippines

Jewelmer operates fine pearl jewelry retail boutiques located in five-star hotels and high-end commercial malls in the Philippines and has trade and retail presence in Dubai, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Paris.

Last June 23 of this year, Jewelmer unveiled the Luster For Life exhibit at the Rotunda, 1st Level Activity Center of Ayala Center Cebu, a popular shopping destination. It is part of what the company calls the “Jewelmer Experience”.

“The Jewelmer Experience engages the senses. It’s everything from the color of our showrooms, the interaction of clients with our people, our imagery, and philosophy. All of these are but a small part of the whole Experience. Its quite difficult to explain. It really should be experienced to be fully appreciated… The Luster for Life exhibit, in particular, shares our brand values in a visual and engaging way.” -Jewelmer’s Retail Manager Catrina Paulino

The Luster for Life exhibit is composed of six main panels: Palawan South Sea PearlsLuster for LifeThe Miracle of the Rare Golden PearlEuropean EleganceAn Environmental Gem, and A Nation’s Pride. Each segment features a combination of vivid imagery and descriptive text. Also included in the exhibit are the actual tools used for pearl cultivation, a pearl diorama, and some unique pieces that are part of Jewelmer’s fine jewelry collections.

Luster for Life

Each Palawan South Sea pearl is composed of thousands of layers of thick, translucent, natural nacre that creates a luster that lasts a lifetime.

The Rivage des Perles Collection by Jewelmer: an exquisite example of the harmonious blend of European elegance and Filipino craftsmanship.

Jewelmer’s Palawan South Sea pearls possess an excellent luster that lasts a lifetime. Often described as an outer sheen or surface brilliance, a pearl’s luster is created when light passes through thousands of layers of nacre, the crystalline substance that makes up a pearl. Due to the translucence and thickness of the natural nacre of Jewelmer’s pearls, the end result is an excellent luster that the company has come to be known for.

The Miracle of the Golden Pearl

Jewelmer is the only pearl producer in the world that has successfully produced pearls with a rich, natural golden color. Through decades of research and biotechnology, Jewelmer was able to perfect the breeding process that produces gold-lipped Pinctada maxima pearl oysters capable of growing large, lustrous, golden pearls. This deep, rich color can only be found in South Sea pearlsproduced in the Philippines.

The European Elegance

Inspired by nature, each piece is a product of east and west working together on such a delightful material, pearl lovers are bound to be always surprised. A team of Italian, French, and Filipino artists draws inspiration from a multitude of sources and creates exquisite designs that enhance the beauty of each pearl. These designs are then executed by highly-skilled Swiss and Filipino goldsmiths and artisans.

Exclusive to the Cebu leg of the exhibit are three South Sea pearl collector pieces: a baroque pearl strand necklace and an eagle brooch. The strand necklace is composed of 49 large, natural silvery-blue baroque South Sea pearls set with 18-karat white gold, while an irregularly shaped, large baroque South Sea pearl inspires the body of an bejeweled eagle made of gold and diamonds. Both of these one-of-a-kind pieces were part of a recently concluded international pearl exhibition held in Qatar, UAE.

Jewelmer pearl farmers carefully tend Pinctada maxima oysters while they grow their precious cargo: the Palawan South Sea pearl.

An Environmental Gem

A lustrous South Sea pearl is the reflection of the health and beauty of theenvironment where it was cultivated. In the face of globally dwindling natural resources, Philippine pearl farmers give back to Mother Nature and become stewards of marine life. Thus, Jewelmer is committed to a unique kind of pearl farming: a non-extractive, environmentally sound process, which ensures that nature remains protected and unexploited.

A Nation’s Pride

The pearl is the Philippine’s national gem, the best representative of a land rich in natural resources as well as people with smiles as warm and welcoming as a golden pearl.

Finally, on October 15, 1996, former President Fidel V. Ramos concretized the pearl’s role in Philippine culture through Presidential Proclamation No. 905. The proclamation acknowledges the South Sea Pearl’s role in the country’s socio-economic & cultural tradition as well as the gem’s part in the promotion of Filipino heritage and as a support of its national development efforts.

Jewelmer continues to share the spirit of the Philippines through the warm, lustrous glow of the South Sea pearl: a true living gem and the pride of a nation.

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