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CBS @ 3: The Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Three years — that’s how far the Cebu Bloggers Society has gone. And it will go even further.

With about 20 times the original size of the once small group, the premiere blogging community in Cebu has achieved fame throughout the 3 years of existence.

When the group gained exposure from a local TV show, it was like a call for everyone to start blogging. The once lonely website of the group all of a sudden started getting more traffic than usual and applications for membership came piling in to the point where there were more applications than the members itself.

With all the blessings coming the community’s way, the bloggers never forgot to give back. At least once a year, the bloggers would devise a plan — something that would share the blessings received by the group members.

In June 2009, CBSi reached out to the fire victims of Umapad, Mandaue, donating what little they can since majority of the members were still students at the time.

In September 2009, CBSi tied up with the Tsinelas Foundation and gathered its members to donate books, which were sold to help raise funds so that Tsinelas can sponsor children who want to finish their studies.

In April 2010, right when summer vacation started, the Tsinelas Foundation and CBSi tied up in another project which would help the Tsinelas scholars. This time, volunteers were gathered from CBSi in a call to teach Computer Literacy. To be stuck in a remote area with not even a cellphone signal is considered a nightmare to technology addicts, but the bloggers were able to put aside their addiction for a few days and successfully finished the program.

And right before 2010 finished, the group, despite the hectic schedules of those who had to work and those who were graduating, reached out once again this time to the fire victims of Duljo-Fatima. Traditionally, those who sing carols would be given something in exchange for offering the songs, but it was the other way around in this case. A Cebu-based band, Bethany, was kind enough to lend a hand with this project by playing a mini-concert to cheer up the victims.

It’s 2011, and the group is approaching its 3rd anniversary. The exact date of founding was on February 14, 2008, Valentine’s Day. This year, to give way to the day of hearts, the CBSi would be celebrating its third anniversary on February 19, 2011, a Saturday, between 3-6pm at PAGCOR, Casino Filipino Parkmall Satellite Branch, big thanks to its manager, Mr. Renato Z. Osmeña, Jr., and Holister, Inc.

With this event, we hope to gather once again all the members of this blogging community and strengthen the bonds between each one of us.

To all the members of the Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc., kudos! We made it to three years! And we’re going to continue offering our services and building relationships with our fellowmen. More power to all of us!

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