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Great MIND 7 Officers Inducted to Facilitate Nutrition Programs

The National Nutritional Council (NNC) asked the help of media in combating hunger and malnutrition in the country by developing programs and massive educational campaigns.

Poverty still remains as the top issue we are facing that is why the Consultative Meeting with Public Information Officers and Media gathered people who can draft action plans for the NNC. It was a whole day workshop at the Crown Regency Hotel and was attended by members of Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) and Public Information Officers of other provinces. It was also attended by media bloggers of Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. (CBSi) like yours truly of jayseeblabs.blogspot.com together with Wilhelmina Sarawi of misswilhelmina.com and Vernon Go of vernongo.com.

That meeting paved the way for them to officially form an organization called the Media and Information Network on Nutrition Region 7 (MIND 7) which elected a set of officers last December at the MIND 7 Christmas Party at the Pino Restaurant. Vernon Go is elected Vice President for Social Media.

The Officers of Mind 7 are being inducted into office at the Fellowship Night as officiated by Maria Bernadita Flores, Executive Director of NNC.

A month after, NNC organized a Fellowship Night at the Rajah Park Hotel in Cebu City where members were treated to dance numbers, dinner, and ballroom dancing sessions. Just in time for Sinulog, ritual dances were also presented.

But it also served as a venue for the officers of the MIND 7 to be formally inducted led by Maria Bernadita Flores, the Executive Director signifying their commitment to perform their tasks on the duration of their terms.

The officers also presented the official list of action plans one by one and it is supposed to cover provinces in the region for the whole year. Mr. Go also presented internet marketing strategies for the NNC initiatives. Yours truly and Miong of matudnila.com graced the event.

NNC will fund MIND 7’s programs from puzzles on leading tabloids, special plugs to be aired on the radio, and television to barangay and provincial activities such as Vegetable Festival, Road Shows and Broadcaster’s Conference. Since they could only do so much and the road ahead to their goals will be rough, the partnership will hasten the objectives and missions of the government unit. For more information, you may read on the detailed MIND 7 program proposals.

To be updated with the latest with nutrition programs “like” the official NNC Facebook page.


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