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“Loving Every Moment” at Persimmon Plus

What is a perfect romantic dinner date? It is having candlelight dinner in the open with your partner having the full moon as backdrop and with love songs playing.

That was exactly the romantic ambiance provided by Persimmon Plus to invited couples with its “Loving Every Moment” dinner date held at the Persimmon Plus open grounds which was just adjacent to The Persimmon in Mabolo, Cebu City last Friday, February 18, 2011.

Cebu Bloggers Society experienced firsthand this atmosphere of love as couples enjoy the good food, good music and the perfect companion to celebrate love month. The couples can’t help but notice the nice view of the full moon casting just the perfect amount of light on the urban village that is Persimmon.

And to cap the night, couples were given giveaways courtesy of the different shops housed at Persimmon Plus which consists of a spa, a laundry shop, a dental clinic, a pharmacy, a home furnishing store, to name a few which cater to the needs of the urban village/condominium residents at their convenience.

It was truly a memorable post-valentine experience.
This article is written by Narciso A. Tapia

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