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When a Network Goes Down

Getting connected these days is as important as our next breath. It already seems unthinkable if we are told there are still people who do not own mobile phones, which, for now, is one of the most cost-efficient, most handy, and fastest tools for communication…and getting connected with other people.


When Globe Telecom’s submarine cable broke down yesterday (May 9, 2011) for several hours, we saw status updates on Facebook by people venting their uncertainties as well as threats directly and indirectly to Globe regarding switching to other networks. There are loyal subscribers, though, who defended Globe and asked others to stretch their patience (which is a rare virtue these days) because the storm probably affected the telecommunication’s facilities.


Globe Telecom released a media advisory yesterday, saying that they experienced a service interruption due to a fiber cut (referring to a damaged submarine cable), affecting selected areas in Visayas and Mindanao. No storm was mentioned or any other cause as to why the cable was down. A few hours and several negative Facebook status updates later, Globe announced that it is back to normal, along with the apology for the inconvenience it caused.


This morning, when I checked the papers, the possible reason was there. According to Cebu Daily News in its news report “Cable woes cut service for Globe subscribers”, Globe Corporate Communications Chief Yoly Crisanto said that the cable may have been damaged by rough seas caused by tropical storm Bebeng.


Globe Telecom did their part in informing us what is going on, fixed it, and promptly apologized for the inconvenience. I’m sure they understand the revenue losses with such an unwanted case in just a few hours.


Come to think of it, with the Pacific Ocean as our neighbor, we are bound to have more tropical storms in the future. So I hope that under the next tropical storm, our cables are secured, allowing us to communicate in cases of emergencies.




Nancy Cudis

PUB Talk


Image by: Network Cable Tester

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