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Freelancers, Discover How to Increase Your Income

One of the greatest fears of being a freelancer is that work may one day never come. The client may just change his mind and decide to live a simpler life somewhere in the Pacific. He may also opt to sell his business to somebody else who doesn’t really want to deal with freelancers. You can also blame the dwindling to economic recession, change in Google’s algorithms, or alteration of preferences among clients. Regardless, you may simply wake up with hardly any money to depend on.


That’s why you need to strike while the iron is hot. Discover the best ways on how to boost your income so you can save more for the rainy day:


1. Get better rates. As a writer in the Philippines, for example, getting a dollar for every 500-word article is a disservice to your ability, especially if you have proof of your English speaking and writing skills.


Don’t sell yourself short. Have a good idea of how much you’re truly worth by assessing your experience, level of expertise and knowledge, and your ability to commit and meet the expectations of your client.


2. Create a goal. How do you know that you have already boosted your income? One of the best ways is to come up with a goal. You can be as specific as “I aim to earn $1,500 this month.” Of course, that’s an estimate, and it may not be something you can achieve at all times. However, having an objective gives you a much clearer direction and motivation to increase your current salary.


3. Change your mind-set. One of the biggest obstacles to not reaching your objectives is pessimism. Instead of challenging yourself, you cower and back out. As they say, you’ll never know what you can do unless you try.


4. Build your network. Put great use to Twitter, Facebook, and Plurk. Better yet, upload your resume and portfolio in LinkedIn then look for people whom you think need your services.


5. Enhance your skill. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. If you want to keep working, then you have to stay competitive. A good technique is to acquire more skills or develop the ones you already have. For instance, if you’re a website designer ready for more opportunities, you can undergo lessons on how to create online book covers. New skills look good on resumes, make you hot in the market, and open more and perhaps whole-lot-better jobs for you.


6. Find your passion. When you love your job, it stops existing being work. You also tend to give more of yourself, which translates to happier bosses and most definitely bigger pay.



Your personal finance guide,


Milafel Hope Awe-Dacanay




Image: Pixomar / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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