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Ruben Licera, Jr- Blogger and Internet Marketing Expert

Ruben Batiancila Licera Jr. is perhaps one of the regular blogger who turned problogger, SEO expert and certified internet marketing professional.



Birthdate: May 17, 1980

Marital Status: Engaged (based on Facebook profile)

Specialties: Marketing Communications, Online SEO, Internet Marketing, Freelance Writing, Proofreading, Market Research

Blogs: Alternative Filipino News Media (link: www.pinoyworld.org), Internet Marketing Expert’s Blog (link: www.rubenlicera.com)



Currently, Mr. Licera holds two international internet Marketing certifications:

– Inbound Marketing Professional with Honors Distinction (link:http://inboundmarketing.com/user/17685) from Inbound Marketing University

– Certified SEO Professional from ExpertRating.com



“Public Relations Success through Effective Social Media Management” for The 7th Philippine Blogging Summit (www.iblogph.org)

“Social Media Marketing Success through Facebook” for the 2nd Cebu Blog Camp (www.cebublogcamp.com)



Ruben Batiancila Licera, Jr. is a professional Public Relations and Events Management Specialist for eight years before finally becoming a full time blogger a year ago.


His expertise in market development specifically in public relations, marketing, advertising and promotions is backed by 8 years of solid professional experience working in an advertising agency, a respected business support organization (www.cfif.com), and a world-class resort chain (www.bluewater.com.ph).


Mr. Licera’s appreciation of the wonderful world of blogging and social media began after his formal introduction to blogging in 2007 in a 16-hour Online Promotions training which is part of the comprehensive International Fair Management training provided by CBI (www.cbi.eu) held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands with related educational exposures in foreign countries, specifically Germany, Belgium, France, Singapore and Malaysia.


Currently, Mr. Licera juggles his time as a professional blogger forwww.pinoyworld.org (and a dozen more), an internet marketing consultant of RLCOMM International (an internet marketing firm which handles a dozen of clients from United states, Europe and Australia) and GoOutsourcing Solutions International (a cebu-based outsourcing solutions company), a boyfiends to lovely lass, a son to loving parents, an uncle to a nephew and a nice and a kuya to many.


A graduate of AB Journalism and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from reputable universities in the Philippines, Mr. Licera is also a respected Cebuano youth leader and motivational speaker.


“Sir Ruben”, as his CBSI buddies fondly call him, started serving CBSI organizing events for the organizations in 2009. After more than two years, he is now the Chairman of Education Committee before popularly elected as the Vice-President of CBSI held at McBay Café on June 11, 2011


Blogger of the Month for June 2011:       RUBEN LICERA, JR.

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