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Krispy Kreme Media Launch Before a Grand Opening at Ayala Center Cebu

One of the much-loved makers of sweet-glazed doughnuts,  Krispy Kreme, had its media launch today with the mediamen in Cebu, in print and television. And the bloggers were also invited in the event. The author and editor of cebubloggers.com, Bjorn Bernales, Sinjin Pineda, the Event Chairman and Cebu Bloggers Society president, Kevin Ray Chua were there to witness the cozy, doughnuts-filled outlet( of course, inside the  patisserie display), which is the  first in Cebu.

Two more outlets will be opened in the near future, at AsiaTown IT Park and at SM Cinema. But before those two will be serving local patrons in Cebu, the Ayala Center outlet of Krispy Kreme is the center of attention by the media and I’m sure it will be tomorrow for the local patrons.


Grand opening day for 1st Krispy Kreme branch in Cebu will be tomorrow October 22, 2011. For doughnuts lovers, be sure you are in the first in line as Krisply Kreme has a surprise for the 1st patron during its grand opening.

Do you think a “month’s supply of Krispy Kreme doughnuts” does not sound AWESOME?’

I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to it. And it is not only the 1st in line will receive the treats from Krispy Kreme. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th patrons will bring some things from Krispy Kreme as special giveaways.

Want to find out?

How about you surprise yourself by being among the first 4 in the queue before the glass door opens at Cebu’s 1st Krispy Kreme outlet.


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