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Cosplay turns Cebu Business Park into Harajuku District

Cosplay events have become yearly traditions in Cebu as elsewhere in the world. This year, cosplayers will come into prominence once again in one day as they will invade the area of one of the important business districts in Cebu and turn it into Harajuku district, filled with Japanese-inspired fashion designers and enthusiasts. The event will be like bringing a portion of Japan into an area crowded by anime fans and Cosplay hobbyists in their anime-inspired outfits.

CEDf-IT Cosplay HD is among the series of events lined up in celebration of the 10th year anniversary of Cebu Educational Development for Informational Technology (CEDf-IT). This event is in partnership with Ayala Center Cebu and Cebu Holdings, Inc. in cooperation with iLuvCebu.com. This will be on October 29, 2011 from 5PM-12MN.

Anime enthusiasts, hobbyists and even families can watch the cosplayers and judge their fashion senses at the Linear Park of Cebu Business Park. That area is between Cebu Holdings Center across Marriott and City Sports Club near Lexmark Tower.

Turning that area of CBP into Harajuku District is like watching a carnival of colorful personalities. Cosplayers personify their favorite anime characters and make them alive with eccentric outfits and sometimes ultra-outrageous costumes.

For spectators of CEDf-IT Cosplay HD, bring your cameras and have plethora of chances to take images of the cosplayers in their outlandish fashion. You may be surprised to see among your friends or relatives in their bizaare costumes ever.

Cosplaying is a display of art out from the passion of personifying the fave anime characters. It is not just about fashion, it is also about expression of emotions and role-playing.

The Linear Park of Cebu Business Park will transform into a big stage for cosplayers playing out the roles of their desired animes.

About Harajuku District

Harajuku District is famed in Tokyo, Japan because of the street fashion sense among the youths in their eccentric attires . It is regarded as the fashion capital of the world, attributing largely to the capital of Japan, which is known for its fashion sensibilities and world-class designers.

Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. is recognized as one of the media partners of the CEDf-IT Cosplay HD.


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