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Cebu Bloggers Dot Com Now Accepts Guest Bloggers

I have received several messages from my inbox asking to post their articles for this blog.  Others request for guidelines and others want to help the site to have updated contents.

It is overwhelming how this site has turned into—from being the portal of the blogging organization, Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. into an avenue for publicity from known big brands to local businesses.

And now, we are adding into the spectrum the bloggers who desire to have their posts on the site.

Guest posting is beneficial in every blog, especially to known blogs such as cebubloggers.com. As the editor, it is my task to keep the website updated; thus, more contents and more visitors for this blog.

However, the primary intention of opening up this site for guest bloggers is to provide more opportunities to bloggers who are serious in showing their craft and deliver the written outputs to the world.

I won’t deprive the bloggers and writers desiring to contribute and guest post on this blog site.

In behalf of Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc., I invite more writers and bloggers to help this site gain more contents. Become a contributor. Gain through publicity. Add your portfolio from the write-ups posted on this blog.

For guidelines on how to guest post on www.cebubloggers.com, read our guest posting policy.

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