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GoodBlog Awards calls for more Filipino Bloggers to Spread "Good" in the Blogosphere


The Best Cebu Blogs Awards is the known award-giving body for Cebuano bloggers. The Philippine Blog Awards is also one and it covers a regional and national scope.

This time around, there is another blog awards that recognize bloggers based on the good  they want to spread in the blogosphere.


GoodBlog Awards calls in the Filipino bloggers to spread the “good” and inspire others to do the same using the blogs as the tools for propagating the goodness to others. However, what I’ve mentioned does not only restrict to that.

The organizers of GoodBlog Awards have another real take on that:

“When it comes to the GoodBlogAwards, our definition revolves around the theme for you to “Spark & Share”.

We’re looking for blogs that have the potential to ignite ideas that can enhance our lives and impart some form of spiritual growth. We consider a blog “good” if it inspires others to reach out, take the extra step and pave the way forward to improve the quality of life for a single individual, or the nation as a whole. Show us how ordinary people can do extraordinary things!”

The organizers of this blog want to spread this awareness, of course, using our site and the blogs of our members. We can’t say no to something that can deliver a big impact to the blogosphere, not just only here in Cebu but in other areas of the Philippines as well.

Gadgets Magazine spearheads in organizing GoodBlog Awards with the help of Cocacola and other companies.

For Cebu Bloggers who wish to join this contest–yes, it is contest — I would like you to check the page of the GoodBlog Awards website.

I hope more Cebu Bloggers and not just here in Cebu but in other parts of the Philippines as well to join this.

Your blogpost entry can serve as your contribution in bringing more “good” to the society and helping others to spark ideas for the good of the society.

You can also like GoodBlogAwards on Facebook and get more updates about the awarding event.







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