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Dream Come True, StarMobile Is Now In Cebu!

This blog post is written by Clarisa Briones, CEO of Pinoy Great Deals.

It is more fun in Cebu! Indeed it is very true. Especially now that the most affordable smartphones are already in town. The long wait is finally over, STARMOBILE is finally here.

Starmobile, By Star Telecom Alliances Resources (Star Inc.), was established by a group of telecommunications industry expert and were based locally and internationally. Their main objectives are to provide the people with the latest fashionable mobile phones without hurting one’s pocket.

Yes, they feel and understand our dreams to have no ordinary cellphone but a smartphone. Now, it will no longer be a dream but a reality. It is within our reach. Starmobile is committed and dedicated to provide phones best suit to consumers’ lifestyle and budget.

“We`ve gathered enough insights to what consumer would need, What kind of price they are looking at and what kind of technology they are aiming for,” said Michael Chen, President of Starmobile.

The phones ranges from all types and forms, giving consumers a wider variety to choose from, with good quality and with a ridiculously affordable rate it’s almost impossible to imagine how the company would profit from all of this but this is the kind of commitment they are willing to provide to the public.

”We wanted to be different, we want the consumers to know us based on the value, based on good products, good services and good price,” said Consumer Marketing Head Katrina Tioseco. ”We just wanted them [consumers] to know that we’re a local brand that provides quality dual-sim phones.”

Currently, their top brass champion for the arena is the FeatureSmart T601i. It is the first of a series that harnesses the best features of a smartphone at an amazing value – multi-touch capacity screen, mobile and social networking, music, games, and other apps normally seen in an iOS or an Android phone.

It boasts a highly responsive screen that reacts to a single touch. It has a rear 3.2 mega pixel camera that captures vivid pictures, which is excellent for casual photo takings indoor and outdoors. It may also challenge aspiring photographers to develop their skill.

It is equipped with an antenna for the mobile TV broadcast, so, for those stuck in a bus under serious stop traffic jams, you might really need this. Also, it has built-in Facebook and Twitter, so no need to download them as they are there and ready, which for some is good enough to stay connected with their friends and family. Of course, it may look fancy or luxurious if you have more than one device – especially two smartphones.

But isn’t it smarter and far more practical to utilize T601i’s true power? Its dual-sim capabilities. With it, allows a broader list of contacts from two mobile networks in one phone. This and many other features are included in the FeatureSmart T601i which is design to delight at only Php3,290 .

Here are other attractive and popluar units from Starmobile

The Neptune B302 has a built-in loud speaker for audio, letting a small crowd to enjoy music together; also works well for students performing dance practices as this feature eliminate the need to bring a bigger device. Price is only Php 1,899.

The Jupiter B305, having a Bluetooth headset eliminates the need for wires, keeping a hassle free communication when on the go. Price as low as Php 2,899.

The NeptuneT501 is a sleek and simple mobile phone with a responsive 2.8 inch touchscreen. Price is only Php 2,890.

And the Jupiter Q501i is interesting to note for its smart design, WiFi capabilities, and built-in social networks like Facebook, Yahoo! Messnger, Twitter, MSN and Google. Price is Php3,290.

Wonder how “IN” these gadgets are? Well, No less than the Unkabogable and madlang people favorite Vice Ganda officially pledges support and endorsement to Starmobile.


You may also check www.starmobile.com.ph for more information.

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