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Balamban Liempo: A Cebuano Brand Gaining National Recognition (3 years and counting)

“Tastier Than Lechon” is a catchphrase some Cebuanos and/or Filipinos may raise eyebrows on. What dish could be tastier than lechon? The world-renowned Cebu Lechon if I may add? Well, the answer is the Cebuano brand, Balamban Liempo.

Balamban Liempo Main Branch (Mabolo)

Many have approved that “Tastier Than Lechon” is not just for some I-love-my-own style of advertisement as Balamban Liempo has indeed entice tastebuds of many and a number of them has given a nod on the slogan, including me.

Started by Jojo and Honey Vergara in July of 2009 with a mere capital of 50,000PHP and a lucky grill to boot, Balamban Liempo has grown as a brand with now 60 branches nationwide.

The famous Liempo of Balamban Liempo

It was never an overnight success as Jojo explained as he had a lot of bumps along the road. With determination in mind, Jojo tried to learn the ins and outs of running a business learning with every bumps along the road and together with wife Honey, they perfected the “Balamban Liempo” most Filipinos now enjoy over and over again.

Jojo plans on putting up at least 1000 branch nationwide plus international branches to reach OFWs craving for a taste of home. That should not be a problem considering how fast they have grown in a span of 3 years.

Here is what other Cebu Blogger members had to say when we visited Jojo & Honey in their main branch in Mabolo to celebrate their 3rd year anniversary.

My wife and I love liempo and have traveled around Cebu to taste the different Liempo stations. So far, the best, hands down is Balamban Liempo Cebu. There is something different in their liempo that out stages the other liempos.

Neil of pinoygreatdeals.com

I got the chance to taste finally the renowned Balamban Liempo which is my first time in their first and main branch were it all started and I was not disappointed indeed.

Jervie of travelfoodblog.com

They are now introducing BALAMBANOK. It’s lechon manok (grilled chicken) that’s prepared in a marinade with their secret herbs and spices recipe! Most likely the same ingredients with their Balamban liempo but you can tell it’s different on the palate. I recommend you should try it! It has a distinct taste that is out of the ordinary from those known lechon manok brands in Cebu. The blending flavor of herbs and spices is something you would crave for more! And again, MORE!

X of obnoxiousqueer.com

Haven’t tried Balamban Liempo yet? Gosh, where have you been? You’ve missed 3/4 of your life already. You better try this amazing liempo and judge it for yourself.

Rabsin of finlust.blogspot.com

If you haven’t tasted their famous Liempo, you are missing something especially if you’re a Cebuano. Balamban Liempo is truly uplifting the Cebuano brand in the Philippines and soon across the globe.

Herbert of events.herbertkikoy.info

Well, as for me, Edcel (www.tambayanbox.org), the liempo from Balamban Liempo has indeed found a home in my tastebuds with no objection from my stomach, so as the whole family. So if you haven’t tried Balamban Liempo, try to search the neighborhood for a branch, buy a piece, gather the family and enjoy the taste that is “Tastier than Lechon“.

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