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Blogger of the Week: Jean Lim

jean lim

Statuesque Jean Lim is a certified lover of life; and she embraces everything with great gusto and passion: travel, school, photography, modeling, sports, warm friendships, and family. It doesn’t come as a surprise therefore the universe loves her back.

First question. What got you into blogging?

Surfing the internet. I can’t stand in a day if I can’t go online. One time, I stumbled on a blog site (I can’t remember what blog it was) and I got interested to it that I decided to make one for myself. However, my blog was more on posting my personal life in a private online journal. Now, I decided to make a blog that’s public and I can share to others my life experiences.

What is totongs.com?

Actually, totongs.com is the website of my cousin. She’s the one who made my blog under her since I still can’t have my own domain due to some issues.

How do you find college so far? What is the one thing you love the most about it right now?

College is really challenging and fun. Its challenging since it’s a stepping stone for me for having a brighter future like a job as I graduate and its fun because I love that I discover a lot about myself and I get to know more what life has in store for me.

You’re a popular CBSi Blogger! But what are the top 3 things we don’t know about you yet?

The top 3 things you may not know about me would be; I’m currently the External Vice-President of STC Photo Society and member of STCine, I used to be a nursing student and I’m a badminton player.

You love photography. Do you have some favorite subjects? Can you share your most well-loved self-captured image?

My favorite subjects to capture would be people and captivating scenery. My most well-loved self captured image is a photograph of my best friend and her lover, it was a candid shot but it turned out to be the best photo of all.

You’re a certified lover of life. But what can get you down in no time? How do you bounce back?

One thing that makes me get down in no time are plans in life that I worked hard for and it will just turned out not what I imagined/want it to be.

Who’s your favorite blogger? Why?

I have no particular favorite but I’m a fan of fashion bloggers national and international. They really fascinate me how they dress up well and stand out from the crowd.

So which one is it: to shot or be shot?

This one is hard. I guess it would be to shot because it’s less hassle and the only thing I would need is a camera and a subject. I love capturing life. But I also love when I’m the one to be shot because I feel the different side of me and modeling is something I discovered in myself last year and I kind of miss it.

You’re such a beauty. Have you ever considered joining pageants?

Thank you. J Well, Joining Pageants? Not in my mind since I’m not confident in that field.

What are the three things you love about Cebu?

I love Cebu because you’ll never ran out of great places to go to, I love how it’s easy to get to places and I love the people in Cebu.

What’s your memorable trip so far? What makes it so special than the others?

My most memorable trip would be going to Bohol. It’s special to me because every year I visit there and I feel it’s my second city that I feel home.

I’ve seen some of your blog posts, and it seems you do love to eat! But how do you maintain your lean frame?

That’s a question people really asked about me but I think it’s because I have a fast metabolism and every meal time I easily get full but I also get hungry after an hour or so.

Where can we usually find you during weekends?

During weekends, I’m usually out. To my friend’s house, mall and to places where I can chill and have fun.

What’s your ultimate comfort food?

My ultimate comfort food is Ice-cream, Caramel Frap and Pochero! My favorites!

Complete the sentence: What I love the most about CBSi is the events that keep on going. It’s exciting and I also get to learn a lot from it; the people and the experience.

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