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Getting to Know BRT Cebu, the Possible Future of Cebu’s Transport

Cebu Bloggers with consultant Colin Brader
Cebu Bloggers with BRT consultant Colin Brader

The growing traffic problem is one concern Cebu City now needs to address. As one Events Newbie blogger puts it “…as a city is growing, the need of transportation grows. And as the need of transportation rises, traffic problem is lurking around the corner.”

But it is not as simple as the traffic problem. Related to this, a concerned polycystic kidney disease advocate/medical blogger points out that one’s patience can be tested with some public utility jeepneys (PUJ) taking too long in taking in passengers and vehicles stopping anywhere to load or unload passengers.

One proposed solution to help in this traffic problem and more is the Bus Rapid Transit or BRT.

Some Cebu bloggers had the opportunity to listen to BRT consultant Colin Brader give an orientation about this proposed transport system for Cebu.

Mr. Brader mentioned that currently BRTs are successfully operating in places like Jakarta, Bogota and Guangzhou in China. His team conducted a feasibility study which included a PUJ industry analysis, and considerations in the area traffic control system, infrastructure and complimentary traffic management among others.

Among the highlights of his presentation were the draft designs of the BRT stations, animation of how the BRT transport works, the effect on the flow of traffic in key areas like the Fuente Circle and the preliminary financial appraisal. His presentation slides can be found HERE.

Bottomline is, based on his presentation, BRT will significantly shorten the travel time. Loading and disembarking of passengers like the traffic in the streets potentially will have a smoother flow.

Payment will be via smartcards and new jobs related to BRT will be generated to possibly offset the job transitions of some PUJ drivers that might be affected.

If indeed these are the benefits BRT would bring, now wouldn’t want to have it?

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