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CBSi #visayashelpsPH Campaign Drive

To help our calamity-stricken brothers and sisters in key areas and provinces in Luzon, the Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. is knocking on the hearts of its members, partners, individuals, firms and institutions to be in solidarity with the rest of the Filipinos suffering in the midst of an on-going calamity.

CBSi wants to materialize the desire to help beyond the information-relaying and blasting in the social media through #visayashelpsPH.

CBSi is now embarking a relief campaign drive to mobilize its members and become responsible netizens. We are also calling individuals, commercial firms and institutions to do the same steps or at least a part of the steps to help inform others of our campaign and become generous donors.

Using the following three steps can mean a lot to help drive our relief campaign:

  1. Blog and Share http://www.google.org/intl/en/crisisresponse/2012-08-philippines-flood.html, to inform others of the map of calamity-hit areas. The page of that link also includes the Person Finder where friends and            concerned families can help know where they can locate their loved ones and the Emergency contact information where they can course their help. The link also contains information of key government agencies that can assist them should they need any help. Simply click LIKE, G+ and SHARE it to your friends.
  2. As our official help, we are allocating 10% of our membership fee to this cause plus the Unilab Medicines. Should you have additional things to give and share, we will update you of our official drop off locations.
  3. We are further asking you and your friends to share your BLESSINGS by transferring some amount to our official PayPal account. Amount is better spent if coursed through proper private entities serving the area. You can use the “DONATE NOW” button to share your blessings.

Please use this title for your donation purpose:  my donation #visayashelpsPH.

We are asking our brothers and sisters, here and abroad, regardless of nationalities to #visayashelpsPH.

The torrential monsoon rains have caused havoc in many key areas in Luzon and have taken many lives from the flash-floods in one day.

Though we’re praying that lives will be spared, reports of yet-to-be-determined total number of victims are flashed on TV channels and on the Internet news sites. Our way to provide relief to the victims is to extend the blessings we have received.

Your help in form of cash or in-kind donations can be coursed through proper logistics and authorities and so they can be rightfully conveyed to the proper beneficiaries.

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