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The Urbanfolio TV Show

I was able to attend the pre-showing of a snippet of Urnafolio’s new hit tv series.

We have not yet seen all the best that Cebu can offer. There are still so many hidden gems in the field of architecture and product design that are worth to be discovered, from trendy bars going down to luxurious private rest houses, from simple but elegant places all the way up to the latest designed facilities and people behind these amazing display of excellent designs are also simply too many here in Cebu that are also more than worthy to be featured anytime, anywhere.

URBANFOLIO is the latest design television show in Amazing Cebu`s channel 54. Without a doubt, this will be the show to unlock and display all the amazing creativity and design crafts in Cebu and will also feature and promote well established designers, yet-to-be discovered local artists to all of Sky  Cable’s subscribers in Cebu.

The show has premiered on July 29,2012 and will run for 8 episodes, with a new one coming out every month. It will be directed and hosted by newcomer Irena Byriel who specializes in screen writing and TV production and produced by Blonx Tirol with the help of Isabel Garcia, Holly Dychangco and Michael Cancio.

Concerned that Cebuanos were missing out on the local talent that were right in their own backyards, the team were inspired to create Urbanfolio to serve as the one stop marketing and advertising avenue for people to learn more about them. It also aims to connect to the world all of Cebu`s creative and wonderful designs.

Urbanfolio will simply be the common avenue to all individuals who has interests in such field of creativity. It will offer all the things that we need to know and will feature every details that we wanted to know. There is nothing that Urbanfolio cannot offer instead. It will bring out all the best and the latest Phillipine-designed crafts. The show will also encourage Filipinos to support and purchase locally-made products, furnitures and designs.

Each of Urbanfolio episodes will be very interesting and at the same time exciting in a way that we never thought that such brilliant design were made and created by one of our own Cebuanos and more importantly, the show will make us realize that we have the right people for this industry and that what they are designing are at par from the world`s very best.

With this, I would like to encourage everyone not to miss any of Urbanfolio`s episodes. Catch them at Amazing Cebu channel 54. The whole television team has prepared so much for the viewers and made sure that each episodes are worth watching in the essence of its purpose and objectives, designs, marketing and everything that an ordinary individual would like to know.

So do not get left behind, follow and be updated on the latest in the world of architecture and product design. The Urbanfolio is the only show that can offer all the best. The only show that will feature not just the product but also the brilliant minds behind its design. This is the show not just for me but also for you. This is simply the URBANFOLIO.

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