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iRest Spa Party:Experience relaxation with human and mechanical massage therapists

The first spa party that I went to was the one organized by iRest at Waterfront Lahug, Cebu City. That was last June 29, 2012.

The atmosphere was relaxing. The setting was a mix of natural colors and nature but not discounting the carpeted room of the spa party’s venue and the curtains and dimmed lights to project a spa-like atmosphere in modern interior.

There were masseuses and massage machines, which are the main product line promoted by iRest.

Aside from the masseuses, whom I had one to knead and soothe the aching muscles in my feet, hands and even the back area, the beautiful ladies were also present to help inform  the “walk-ins” about the machines.

Before getting to try the machines, I was treated  to a rejuvenating hand and foot massage by a nice masseuse. And after that, I hovered on two plates of sumptuous foods and desserts before I laid my body supinely on iRest massage machines.

The author at the middle, enjoying a nice foot massage

I don’t have the detailed pictures of the machine but what I can say about these machines would be that they can be good alternatives if no massage therapists  are available.

Considering the prices of the massage machines which are in the range of 70K and above, this mechanical message therapist can be afforded by the deep-pocketed celebrities, high income professionals, multi-millionaires and billionaires.

The size of the machine also requires space; hence, they can be good addition to a room dedicated for relaxation. If a meditation room is present in your abode, then that machine can be installed and placed alongside a space to place the yoga mats during your yoga or Pilates sessions.

The massage machine is deemed an alternative to human massage therapists especially during the times when it is impossible to hire a massage therapist or go to a spa because of time and over-exhaustion.

iRest machine and the beautiful attendant

But do I recommend the machine?

I personally think that it won’t seem practical to buy one when, after purchasing it, it would become a fixture and the frequency of use is not regular (what I mean here is daily).

The target market of iRest machine massagers is in the upper middle income to high income.

Although I was tempted to buy one for me, I think I can’t afford it and besides, I still prefer the soothing hands of personal massage therapists, not the mechanical ones.


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