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Impact of Social Media to Business

social mediaAre you fond of social media? You might heard of Facebook and Twitter, you might even have your own personal account on each of them. Social media has become phenomenon in the internet. Social media has affected how the world communicates.  Many businessmen have noticed the power of social media to connect to the audience and therefore used it for their marketing strategy.

Online marketers have proven that social media is effective marketing tools. Many online said that social media has been a great help for them.

Benefits of Social Media  for Businesses

  1. Social media can increase your brand visibility. Consider Facebook – currently the internet’s largest social networking site. Most people in online society have Facebook account. Everyone of them meet ‘virtually’ on Facebook and they are from different parts of the world. Having an advertisement in Facebook will increase your brand’s visibility considering that lots of people in different parts of the world can see your ads.
  2. Since you are using social media, updating for the latest internet technological developments is easier. We all know that technology is changing fast especially in online technology. Social media allow you to respond instantly in every changes happening in online community.
  3. Social media is also cost-effective. It is much more cheaper than compared to any other promotional activities such as TV ads and paper ads.
  4. Social media can help boost your rank in search engine rankings. If you want to increase your rank in search engine, then using social media will be of great help, aside from it effectively drives traffic towards your website and increase your revenue.
  5. Since social networking has changed the way people connects to each other, it also changed the way companies reach out for their customers. With the help of social media, your reach for your customer becomes easier and faster. Through social media, you can inform your customers about the latest updates in your product line or services and you determine their needs. Also, through the help of social media, your customers can express their opinion and feedback towards your products and services. Another good thing is that you can respond and attend immediately to their needs.
  6. Social media also provides your clients alternative ways on how to access your products and services. These new channels will help you generate more leads which also results in increasing your revenue.
  7. Through social media, the probability of the advocacy and loyalty of your customers towards your products and service is also increased. According to studies conducted in social networking, companies who are using social media to interact with their customers tend to have higher customer engagement and loyalty compared to others who don’t use social media.

When social media was developed, so as the marketing strategies of the companies. No matter what’s it size or type, social media has become a great help in the success of their marketing strategies and in the  success of the organization as a whole

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