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New Butter Buns from Julie’s Bakeshop

Bisaya morning is never complete without a bun of bread and a cup of good coffee to dip the bread into. It is the usual picture in the household and it’s not perfect if it’s not from Julies Bakeshop.


Julie’s Bakeshop is the home of bread and pastry favorites of if not all, many Cebuanos. It is because its bread and coffee mirrors the taste of good old Cebu.


Business Name: Julie’s Bakeshop

Address: C. Padilla Street, Duljo-Fatima, Cebu City 6000 Philippines.

Type of food: Breads and Beverages

Store Hours: 24 Hours

Contact Phone: 032-261-7117


The bakeshop recently rolled out a new kind of bread that is sure to satisfy your cravings- Butter Bun. Read how our bloggers think about it.


“Julie’s prepared something for us that the group cannot refuse…” – HerbertKikoy


“Ideal to be consumed alone or pair it with your favorite sandwiched pick…” – CebuPhotolog


“…I can say that this will be another ‘hit’…” – ObnoxiousQueer


You’ve never gone to Cebu if you’ve never tried something from Julie’s Bakeshop. Head on to your nearest Julie’s Bakeshop now and try the new Butter Bun!

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