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Blogger of the Week: Geezelle Tapangan

geezelle tapangan

With Geezelle, indeed, big things can come from small packages. She’s one amazing blogger, a fantastic dancer, an awesome girlfriend, a lovely daughter (especially to her dad), and no doubt a loveable friend. But there’s more that you don’t know about her yet, like what her name should have been and where “Geezelle” came from. Do you know there’s one object she can’t live without besides the Internet?

First question. What got you into blogging?

My passion for writing. During the time that I have not known the Internet I have few notebooks that consisted of my write-ups (personal journal, poems, short stories and essays). It was 2008 when yayabs (my boyfriend) told me about blogger.com and after I created my account I have not stopped.

“Geezelle” is such a beautiful name. Does it have a meaning? How did your parents come up with it?

Supposedly, I was to be named “John Jethro” because my parents thought that they will have a baby boy, but it was a baby girl; so instead of my parents, an aunt created my name. It was supposed to be “gazelle,” meaning small and graceful, but my mom changed the spelling to “geezelle.”

What brought you to Cebu?

I came to Cebu to study for college, and since then, I have loved the city.

I heard you’re planning to create Laagan na Boholana. Awesome! What can we look forward from it?

The thought is really inspired by Kareen of Laagan na Cebuana. Since I am a Boholana that wants to explore especially my own province I decided to create Laagan na Boholana, but the term “laagan” has negative connotation in Bohol. That’s why I changed it to Biyahera na Boholana, which means “A Boholana Traveler.” Post is consisted of travels I have made and to be made in my province. It will display famous as well as unfamiliar tourist destinations of Bohol.

You’re a popular CBSi Blogger! But what are the top 3 things we don’t know about you yet?

 Oh! Am I? Didn’t know about that.

1 – I love to dance like it’s par to blogging for me. I used to be a part of all my previous schools’ dance group. I joined USC dance troop, got in but did not push through because of some petty reason (one thing I have regretted).

2 – If I have to rank, it will be my family, boyfriend and mosquito net. I can’t sleep without a mosquito net. I worked with my mosquito net and watch TV with a mosquito net on my feet. If I am sitting at home I have a mosquito net in my feet.

3 – I have an addiction with bags and footwear, but I have zero knowledge about brands. Brands really do not matter to me; as long as I love the footwear or the bag, I will buy it. Brand-new ones or secondhand.

Do you have any plans of becoming a CPA soon?

Sure thing I have plans to become a CPA but not sure to make it as a profession because I am contented on my current professional status. If you ask me how soon, I can’t really tell but I am praying about it.

What are the three things you can leave without?

It’s a bit hard to think on the things I can leave without because as you know if possible I will bring everything in my bag. So I will just tell you guys what are the things I can’t live without. J

1 – I can’t live without a mosquito net. I have bunch of mosquito nets like I have one to place on top of my bed sheet, one I used as a blanket and one I bring on travel.

2 – I can’t live without an Internet connection. Since 2010 I worked online and most of the time I used it to easily communicate with family. I bring along a myfi with me each time I am on travel.

3 – I can’t live without a reading material. Reading is one of the things I find relaxing, so as much as possible, I bring a book in my bag or store a bunch of e-books in my tablet.

Every time I see you, you always seem so happy. Can something make you feel sad too?

Yes, of course there are things that makes me sad and even cry. I get sad when people go, I cry when I saw an old person on streets working (old people have soft spot in my heart), I get sad thinking about Philippine politics, and lastly I get sad and teary-eyed thinking about my papa.

Who’s your favorite blogger? Why?

I read several blogs and I even have bookmarked most of them but I do not have a specific favorite blog. I always enjoyed blog hopping over CBSi member’s blogs.

Are you missing something or someone right now?

As of the moment, I miss my papa. He died a year ago of a motor accident, and until now it misses me thinking that he is not with us anymore. Papa and I always talk about the future, and we agree most things about business and politics.

Congratulations on winning the blogging contest of Persimmon Studios! Any party plans in the North Tower? 🙂

Thank you so much. I am happy on winning the blogging contest because as you know this is my first blogging contest and I am not lucky with any contests. I am planning to bring my high school best pals and catch up with each other.

What are the three things you love about Cebu?

Cebu is like my second home, and I can’t think of the top 3 things I love about it because there are more than 3 things I love about Cebu and to name a few:

–      I love Cebu because it is where I met the most wonderful person on earth.

–      I love Cebu because it is progressive yet different from Manila.

–      I love Cebu because of my CBSi family.

–      I love Cebu because it is the place that helps me grow inside and out.

–      I love Cebu because it feels like home.

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