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Top Student Leaders attended the 7th Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit

Top 90 college students from different parts of the Philippines gathered at Santa Maria Ballroom of Radisson Blu for the 7th Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit (AFLBS), powered by the Aboitiz Group, last August 16-18, 2012. Every year, the Aboitiz Group convenes the top student leaders of the Philippines for a 2-day conference to learn from their executives themselves and some resource speakers new tactics on business leadership. This year’s AFLBS theme is “Significantly Changing My Philippines.”

7th Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit: Significantly Changing My Philippines

The summit started with a tour around Cebu. Delegates were able to visit Cebu’s famous landmarks and Aboitiz Properties: Magellan’s Cross, Basicila Minore del Sto. Niño, The house of Don Ramon Aboitiz, Visayan Electric Company SM Office, and Persimmon Plus. The tour was no ordinary because challenges were also given while the tour was conducted. The tour ended with a dinner at Casa Gorordo.

The speakers during the summit proper shared their expertise in running the business. Delegates were eager to throw in some questions to each speakers. The speakers include Mr. Jim Aboitiz (Creating a Service Culture), Mr. Mikel Aboitiz (Focused Strategy), Mr. Andoni Aboitiz (Product Branding), Rene Ronquillo (Nation Building and Sustainability), Mr. Edwin Bautista (High Tech, High Touch), Mr. Xavier “Txabi” Aboitiz (People Development), Mr. Steve Paradies (Personal Finance Management), Mr. Sonny Carpio (Corporate Social Responsibility), and Ms. Susan Valdez (Reputation Management).

One of the highlights of the AFLBS wass the Leadership forum wherein the delegates were given the opportunity to graps some leadership tips from 3 respectable leaders of Aboitiz Group: Mr. Jon Ramon Aboitiz, Chairman of the Board of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Mr. Bobby Aboitiz, Director of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, and Mr. Romy Ronquillo, Trustee of Aboitiz Foundation.

Another highlight prepared by the organizers of 7th AFLBS was the Inspirational Talk given by the guest speaker, Founder of RockEd Philippines, Ms. Gang Badoy. Gang Badoy shared her simple “walk the talk” formula, which is a person’s walk should be equal to his/her talk. She also mentioned that nation building comes in so many forms, that it is your call on how you visualize it. Other thoughts that she gave out during her talk were “to choose the language that you’re most clear at”, “put on your mask first, before putting a mask to others”, and “if it gets in your way, then it is not for you.”

Aside from talks, AFLBS delegates were also challenged with fun physical activities prepared by the Kool Adventure Camp Team. Such activities includes The Business Pit, Aboitiz Corporate Tower, and Aboitiz Spider Web, in which the students thought of strategies on how to overcome the challenges as a group.

Are you driven to lead?

Every AFLBS has a part wherein the delegates are given a case and they will act as the corporate management team to solve the problem in the case applying the inputs they gathered during the summit.

The 7th Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit happily ended with a cocktail party. Students, together with the organizing committee, AFLBS alumni, and Aboitiz executives, celebrated the success of the summit.

Happy delegates with their proof of being an AFLBS alumni

The Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit began as a local gathering of Cebu’s brightest minds, which grew into national scope which now includes Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao delegates. Over the summit’s history, participants included working scholars, athletes, honor students, and organizational leaders, each with his own story to tell.


Insights from Cebu Bloggers:

“As a student leader during my college days, I can’t help but feel envy with the 90 students from the Philippines that were chosen as the official delegates of the 7th Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit (AFLBS).” – Mark Razonable (Mr. Tambay)

“In order for a certain society to progress, it needs to have a leader that will give the society a sense of direction. An organization without a leader, will definitely not to succeed. Why? Imagine an organization with its people working like they are the boss, and everyone is working according to their own desire.” – Herbert Kikoy (Two-Sided Perspective)

“The top 3rd & 4th year college students from various leading Philippine universities and colleges once again gathered for the 7th Aboitiz FutureLeaders Business Summit (AFLBS), this time with the theme “Significantly Changing My Philippines”.” – Ruben Licera Jr. (RubenLicera.com)

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