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Cebuano tops September 2012 Medtech Board Exams

Matthew Joseph Po
Matthew Joseph Po

Twenty-one-year old Cebuano, Matthew Joseph T. Po of Velez College, did not expect to rank first in the September 2012 Medical Technology (MedTech) Board Exams. He was not an honor student during college and according to him, he just studied like any other ordinary student.

“One of my classmates called me last night. At first I did not believe her. I kept asking if she was joking. Then when I saw the results for myself, I sort of went into shock. I never thought I could be top one. The amount of time we had to study was overwhelming. I would have been happy just to pass. Plus when I saw the grades of the previous topnotchers, I thought to myself that topping the boards was not something I was capable of. And the exam was really difficult so I really didn’t expect much. I just prayed that I would pass, along with all my friends,” he recalled.

But passed he did and more. He got a score of 91.7, putting him on top of the list of passers in the September 2012 MedTech Board Exams. All in all, 1,521 out of 1,865 passed the MedTech Licensure Examinations.

He attributes this accomplishment primarily to God.

“I can not count how many times I have asked for His help and guidance throughout this entire ordeal. I am sure that none of this would be possible without His help. I also know that I would not have been able to do this without the constant support of my family and friends. They have always supported me in every way possible. And of course the faculty and staff at Velez college… They have given me so much. I am thankful,” Matthew said.

He plans to become a physician someday. Until then, we may probably find Matthew looking for different things to keep himself busy — find a job, travel, or pursue a hobby.

Matthew gave this very wonderful advice when asked for some tips he could give to future MedTech board test takers:  “Always trust in God and never give up. However difficult a situation may be, just as long as you have faith in God and yourself, you will overcome all obstacles. And maybe you will even surprise yourself a little.”

He added, “And on behalf of Velez College-MedTech batch 2012, we’d like to give a big and heartfelt thanks to all our teachers.”

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