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Blogger of the Week: Ram Mancelita

Don’t let his docile-like appearance fool you. Like the animal he’s sharing his name with, Robert Mancelita Jr. is headstrong, fierce. He doesn’t let setbacks get in the way, even a heartbreak. He isn’t just a writer for his school press, but he’s also a builder of what is becoming one of the go-to tech blogs in the country. With more than 32,000 followers in Twitter, Ram makes sure he’s putting his power and influence to great use.

First question. What got you into blogging?

Pretty hard question. I think it was because I was very “explorative” with the internet back then. I published my first blog back in 2007. It was not something to be proud of though. LOL! It was just a personal blog and I didn’t have time to update it regularly.

However, what really got me into blogging (and continue doing it) were my passion for technology and my eagerness to share my knowledge on it to the whole world. And the rest is history.

I know you love technologies, so let me play Boy Abunda and ask you, “If you were a gadget, what would you be and why?”

I think I would be (any kind of) speakers. Just like the speakers (hypothetically speaking), I always wanted to be the voice or the medium of those who couldn’t speak for themselves.

I’ve seen you last 2011 Best Cebu Blog Awards, and you did take home some cool prizes! But how does it feel to be part of the top 3 popular blogs and Nokia’s Philippine Choice Awardee?

I believe being merely recognized is what every blogger wants to achieve in the entirety of his/her blogging life (or career) while being awarded is just a bonus. Even just knowing that somebody reads and follows your blog is already an achievement (at least for me). However, I must say, bringing home those (mentioned) awards was one of the best feelings ever. It was more than an honor for me to be nominated, selected and awarded for all of my hard work. It motivated me to continue my passion in blogging and do better.

You’re a popular blogger! But what are the top 3 things we don’t know about you yet?

Popular? I don’t think I am. Well, not yet, I suppose. Anyway, here are the top three things you probably don’t know about me yet:

First, I’m the kind of person who prefers to stay at home rather than go out and party. Although I love to hang out with my close friends, I still make sure not to forget my limits by setting up my own curfew or the-like. I also like to have A LOT of alone time; yes, I’m some sort of an introvert. So if you see me sitting on the corner alone, you don’t have to pity me. I may just be reflecting. :p Haha!

Second, writing was never my thing until I got into college. I really hated it before.  It was just so hard for me to put my thoughts into words and construct them properly and with sense. It was also the reason why I chose to be an illustrator (in the student press) back in High School.

Lastly, I always wanted to be a lawyer ever since I was eight. I always had (and still have) high respect towards lawyers, including my late grandfather who has always been my inspiration in achieving academically. Actually, both my late grandfathers wanted me to become a lawyer. However, I have a strong feeling I couldn’t make it. I’m still undecided whether or not to pursue my dream.

Besides the Internet, what are your other interests?

Probably food, TV, movies, and sleep. Haha! But honestly speaking, if I’m not busy and don’t feel like blogging at all (laziness at my best, I say), I’ll just be sitting on the sofa watching new movies and/or my favorite TV series with junk foods and soft drinks beside me. If not, you can see me playing DOTA at home.

I also like going to different restaurants, trying out different servings or foods. I’m a big fan of Japanese foods though. Also, traveling is my thing but I don’t do it often times; my wallet doesn’t allow me. Haha!

Tell us more about TechBuzz.ph.

I launched TechBuzz.ph at the end of August and I’m proud to say that it’s now one of the hottest Technology blogs here in the Philippines today. My blog aims to deliver the hottest and latest “buzz” on technology, focusing on the Filipino audience. I also make sure that everything I say is understandable to the laymen and not just to the “geeks.”

What are the top 3 things you’re proud of today?

There a lot of things that I am proud of and thankful today. I’m not going to share the top 3 things since it’s really hard to tell the top ones; instead, just the three of the many things. One of which is, apparently, my blog (TechBuzz). I have encountered a lot of trials and “misfortunes” before I have actually built it. And I believe everything had happened for a reason (for good, perhaps). Those encounters made me not just a better blogger but a better person as well.

Second, I’m proud to be part of our university’s student press. Even in just a short span of time (I just joined recently), I have already learned a lot as a writer and I believe that I will learn a whole lot more in the long run.

Third, I’m proud of where I am today. I think the 8-year-old me would be proud, too! Furthermore, I’m proud not just of myself but also of my family and friends who have also achieved a lot in their respective lives. I may not be part of those achievements (for some) but I’m happy to be part of their lives, at least.

Time management isn’t easy. But how do you exactly do it: blog, manage your university’s paper, and take care of your personal life?

Not easy at all! At first, I really had a hard time juggling my tasks, duties and responsibilities but as time passes by, I learned to manage them pretty well. I think the technique I used was knowing and setting my priorities. Because I believe, in life, it’s inevitable that everything (events or whatever) happens at the same day, at the same time and you all could do is choose just one. So, yes, setting priorities is the (or my) key.

Who’s your favorite blogger? Why?

I’m a big fan of Pete Cashmore of Mashable.com. And I believe he’s also an inspiration of numerous of bloggers (in no regards of the niche) across the globe. I love how he and his team talk about the hottest news. They make everything so interesting from the headline down to the last sentence of the content to the extent that you won’t even notice that you’ve already read the whole thing.

What do you like most about what you’re doing now?

I fall in love with writing every day of my life (thanks to my love of technology). And it’s good to know that there are people (strangers or not) who appreciate what you are doing.

You have a lot of Twitter followers! Does that give you some kind of pressure or social responsibility?

Yes, the pressure is there. I always have to keep in mind that I am responsible for whatever I post or do online, especially when there are a lot of eyes looking at you.

You seem to have composure, patience, and kindness. What drives you off balance?

People with so much pride, arrogance, insincerity, falsity or the-like. Please mind the words “so much”.  I also don’t like waiting for a long period of time doing just nothing; worse, if that event turns out to be a crap or was just not worth of the wait.

Random question. Are you in love?

You surprised me with that question! What made you? Haha! Anyway, let’s just say I’m happy with my life right now. But if you’re asking if I’m in love with somebody right now, the answer is no, not anymore. Actually, I’ve just moved on from “something that didn’t work.” Haha! Now, I’m looking (and not waiting) for the right girl I’d treasure forever. So yes, I’m single “and ready to mingle” as they say.

What are the three things you love about Cebu?

In no particular order, the first thing I love about Cebu is the convenience of going from one place to another. It’s like everything’s so near and accessible (hypothetically speaking). Cebu may not that big but it almost has everything — nice beaches, wide malls, etc.

Second, the people. Apparently, you can see a lot of good-looking, nice people around Cebu. This may sound bias but I also like the attitude of us Cebuanos.

The third one is the food we have here. Need I say more?

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