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Blogger of the Week: Ron Silvosa

Photo from Ron’s Facebook

Ron Silvosa speaks strong when it comes to politics and anything IT, including blogging. But once he begins to share about the beautiful family he is creating with his wife, Yvette, he becomes very gentle, sometimes pensive. Like any doting father, he looks forward to going home so he can bond with his son and being able to raise him with a lot of love and care. Like a loving husband, he talks about his wife with great pride.

First question. What got you into blogging?

The Idea of starting my own blog came to me way back in 2009 when I got my first job. I was tasked to do something that needed research, and I came by a certain blog, which I can’t remember the name, but it somehow influenced me deeply. It ignited my passion for writing, though people refer to me as a frustrated writer. Also, out of luck, I was able to procure my own domain after winning a 1-year hosting package at a blogging seminar I joined in. Since then, I have been blogging while still trying to learn the basics and ethics about blogging. The best part was even my manager agreed to share my blog as an office resource for the team I was in.

What have you been up to these past few days, aside from running that awesome giveaway contest?

Nothing much really. Besides work, most of my time is with my family. But one thing, though. My wife and I decided to come up with another giveaway that’s exclusive for Philippines-based bloggers since we plan on making most of the prizes in kind/items.

You’re a popular CBSi Blogger! But what are the top 3 things we don’t know about you yet?

I still couldn’t believe people would consider me as popular, but here are 3 things people don’t know about me yet. First, I was given the nickname Ryan by Tatay Roland (grandpa) for the reason that it’s easier to pronounce. Also, I am the only son in the brood of 4 in the family, same with dad who’s the only son with 2 sisters. My grandpa was the only child. Lastly, I’m so eager that to try out all martial arts.

You have such a gorgeous, cheerful family. But perhaps you’d like to spill the beans on how you and your wife, Yvette, met?

Photo from Ron’s Facebook

Ha-ha! This one is a little funny. My wife and I actually met at work. We got into the same batch of trainees for a gaming account, though we didn’t make it into the same team. I was obviously the hardheaded one and continued seeing her, joining her during lunch breaks, and I pursued into courting her. That’s where all the magic started.

Name 3 things that make you say, “GOOD MORNING!”

1. I get home from work early morning, and I see my wife’s and little kiddo’s big beautiful, refreshing smiles. They give me an ecstatic feeling that takes away all the stress!

2. Early Rest day morning bonding with Zachy!

3. Being blessed with acknowledgments for my work and with all other stuff that I do.

Just a little curiosity: your website spells “Silvoza” while your Facebook name is “Silvosa.” Is there really a difference?

Not really, no, though I was told by my lolo that our ancestors originally spelled our last name with a Z at the end. I just did the same thing to make my URL sound cool, but it should be spelled with an S at the end.

Your whole life changes once you have a kid. But how much is it changing you?

Photo from Ron’s Facebook

Well, the moment I had my first glimpse of my son after my wife gave birth, I couldn’t keep myself from crying (tears of joy). I even hugged my wife’s doctor out of joy. Having such a beautiful wife and handsome son to go home to is always such a joy for me and has really made me a better man, which I never thought I would be.

Random question: What makes politics so fascinating?

This is a hard one . . . but umm as a kid I’ve always had this thought of being entertained while watching a bunch of greedy/self-proclaimed GOOD politicians argue and fight on TV, but that was totally wrong. Now I know that the citizens are the ones to decide who to vote and  that every decision that politicians make affects how our government works. Also I’ve learned that everything about my life can be affected and changed by politics, particularly when we talk about politics at work.

You may not look the part, but you’re a certified IT geek. Do you have any secret IT fantasy or guilty pleasure?

Not that big of a deal, though, but I do wish for a high-end gaming laptop or desktop to enjoy myself with after work and if I’m not bonding with my little kiddo and my wife. I’m that simple.

Who’s your favorite blogger? Why?

There are actually a lot, but to mention a special one, a true Cebuano, it would be Doc Narciso “Buboy” Tapia. His advocacy toward educating Cebuanos about health through his blog and his work is just exemplary, aside from being one of the best health education specialists in Cebu. I also admire him as one of Cebu’s pioneers in medical blogging, which is rare in our region.

What’s the biggest challenge for you right now?

Having your own family truly isn’t an easy thing, though I think I’m doing pretty well as a “padre de familia” in the sense of being able to provide for them; for me I think the biggest challenge that awaits me and my wife is how well we are going to be as parents to our little boy.

What do you like most about what you’re doing now?

If it’s about work, then it’s the feeling of becoming more responsible as an individual, a dad, and a husband, knowing that I am doing it pretty well especially when it’s all for my family.

What are the three things you love about Cebu?

Pretty much everything about Cebu, but to give sense to it, first it’s because it’s where I grew up to become the man I am now. Second, it’s where all the opportunities God has given me started, and most of all it is where God blessed me to meet my wife who gave me such a wonderful son. Cheers to life!

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