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YogaHub - a World-Class Yoga Facility in Cebu

YogaHub is the newest world-class yoga facility in Cebu with its vision of setting the benchmark of the budding local yoga industry as well as to promote overall fitness and healthy living. Equipped with a capable teaching roster and staff, YogaHub promises only topnotch service that helps and encourages people from all walks of life to optimize their well-being with a healthy and disciplined yoga practice.

With the stresses of life taking its toll on us, we just need to find time to relax and to let go of all the problems weighing in on us. Yoga will help us release all the tensions that’s bubbling inside and it’s one way to attain an ultimate state of  bliss that would result to an enlightened spirit and a beautiful inner being.

YogaHub is located in 2nd Floor, Banilad Town Center, Banilad. The studio offers an accessible, affordable and world-class yoga facility – the first of its kind in Cebu…

Their Classes:

Gentle Flow (60 mins) A more gentle basic class with slow paced stretching and simple breathing exercises that will help you gain more flexibility while getting started on a yoga practice without feeling overwhelmed.

Vinyasa (60 mins) For those who love variety in their workout, Vinyasa involves a wide range of poses connected by a synchronized “flow” with your breathing.

Ashtanga – Beginners / Primary Series (90 to 120 mins) A rigorous and quicker style of yoga wherein asanas (postures) are arranged in sequential order with each posture building on the previous one, strengthening and returning your body to the state of balance.

Power Yoga (60 mins) Need some cardio in your practice? Rooted in Ashtanga and combined with Vinyasa principles, Power Yoga poses are followed up with intense strength training while synchronizing one’s breathing patterns to each asana. Be prepared to work up a sweat!

Power Core (60 mins) Get more fitness in your yoga! This class focuses mainly on strengthening your abdominal and back while including Vinyasa and Power Yoga poses with variations in muscle-toning moves. Unleash the strength within!

Yogalates (60 mins) Expect a solid workout from this groundbreaking fusion of traditional hatha yoga practice with the methodology of Pilates. The smooth flow of yoga promotes stretching and alignment while the strengthening principles of Pilates empower the core muscles.

Yoga for Kids (60 mins) Let your kids get fit the fun way! Through this combination of dynamic movements, postures, and breathing exercises, Yoga for Kids helps develop body awareness, language, good listening skills and cooperation.

Poi (60 mins) Learn how to express yourself with your body through this beautiful performance art that involves the swinging of tethered weights in rhythmic and geometric patterns. A great introductory class for those who eventually want to learn fire dancing!

Their Schedule:


2nd floor, Banilad Town Center

6000, Cebu City

Phone: (+63 32) 268- YOGA (9642)

Mobile: (+63 917) 622-YOGA (9642)

Email: info@yogahub.ph

Website: http://www.yogahub.ph

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/yogahubcebu

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