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Cebu Bloggers group moves forward with #ACTNow campaign

With the new year comes the continued call of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSI) to its members to “act now”, highlighting the importance of blogger social responsibility in their initiatives to promote Cebu through blogging.

The ACTNow campaign started as CBSI’s outreach drive that promoted individuals and groups with positive causes in Cebu. The drive is headed by CBSI Outreach Committee Chair Jaysee John Pingkian.

“This year, we decided to push the ACTNow campaign organization wide, not just through the Outreach Committee, because we are calling all Cebu bloggers to act on the blogger social responsibility. Just imagine the many individuals and groups we could help out through blogging and social media,” Ruben Licera Jr., CBSI president, said.

The campaign was first launched in Sept. 22 during the 1st Social Good Summit Cebu. The launch was instrumental in educating CBSI members and other sectors the potential of bloggers to be agents of change and drivers of worthy causes.

Since then, CBSI leaders have brought the campaign to the public through various events.

The 1st World Blogathon in Cebu last Dec. 8 was also part of the campaign by helping 10 different non-government organizations and individuals introduce their causes to the blogging and social media community in Cebu.

The ACTNow campaign will also be carried as a theme on Feb. 16 when the CBSI member bloggers will celebrate its 5th year anniversary.

Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. is the first SEC-registered blogging organization in the Philippines with over 50 members in its current roster. The organization comprises of professional bloggers and hobbyist bloggers with different niches.

For more information about CBSi, or how to join, please visit www.cebubloggers.com


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