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Cebu Bloggers Society is now 5 Years and Going Strong

Last February 14, 2013, Cebu Bloggers Society celebrated its 5th year anniversary. The group was the brainchild of 3 visionaries namely Mark Monta, Gerry Gervacio, and Kevin Ray Chua. Their vision was to create a community of Cebu-based bloggers, together with their partners and sponsors, to make a difference in the community.

Currently with 50+ enthusiastic members and still growing, Cebu Bloggers Society have organized events that have fulfilled the vision that was seen by the founders. By partnering with organizations that aim to help the community like RAFI and World Vision, CBSi will keep pressing forward and extend their helping hand to those who need them.

In celebration of its half a decade of existence, the group has organized 2013 Cebu Bloggers Society Appreciation Night which was held at the rooftop of Harolds Hotel. This event was dedicated to all the members, partners, and sponsors who have made the train of CBSi chugging along for 5 years.

With much gratitude, CBSi has awarded plaques, trophies, and certificates to where recognition is due.

It is Cebu Bloggers’ way of saying Thank You to everyone who has contributed to the group and the community that surrounds them.

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