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Rent.ph supports CBSI Appreciation Night

Fresh from the successful approval of iOS app, Rent.ph has recognized the bloggers of Cebu by supporting the anniversary celebration of the premier blogging organization in the Philippines.

Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. has recently celebrated its 5th founding anniversary through CBSI Appreciation  Night. Outstanding bloggers who are members of the organization were honored with Orange Infinity Awards while those who have done exemplary services to the organization and the tech and blogging communities in Cebu were bestowed with Presidential Citation.

Orange Infinity Kauban Awards are given to partners of the organization. Rent.ph is proud to have received the accolade. The blogging organization’s leaders have regarded the essence and functionality of Rent.ph, which can be very beneficial to  its market. CBSI has also taken into account the Cebu-based web and mobile-app to search for available rental properties as being a home-grown digital brand.

For rental property search and requirements, visit Rent.ph.


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