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Rent.ph and Cebu Bloggers Society to visit Missionaries of the Poor

Bloggers of Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. and rent managers of Rent.ph will offer thanksgiving through charitable work at Missionaries of the Poor.

It will be the second time for Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. to do a charity-related activity for a charitable institution. This is in line with the organization’s Bloggers Social Responsibility or BSR.

Ruben Licera Jr, CBSI president, regards this activity as a thanksgiving after a dynamic year that the blogging organization has been through. The charity event is deeply in line with BSR and a suitable event after the CBSI Appreciation Night.

On the other hand, Anthony Leuterio, CEO of Rent.ph, has been organizing annual events for the Missionaries of the Poor, as a form of gratitude for blissful years his real estate brokerage firm, Leuterio Realty Firm, has gone through.

His realty firm is recognized as the No.1 realty firm in the Philippines in 2012.

His start-up, Rent.ph, has already experienced a surge in traffic after less than 4 months of launching.

Paying homage to the poorest of the poor in Missionaries of the Poor is in line with the mission of Mr. Leuterio and has then been inculcated in his realty firm, bringing along a slew of real estate agents under him for a social responsibility mission.

Aside from CBSI, Rent.ph and Leuterio Realty Firm, Laag Cebu is another organization participating in this charity mission.

A Love Mission at Missionaries of the Poor will happen today, February 25, 2013 at 2:30 PM at Missionaries of the Poor, Sawang Calero Pasil, Cebu City near San Nicolas Parish Church.

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