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Cebu Bloggers Society Co-Organizes Social Media Influencers Summit

March 16, 2013 will mark another first for the Cebu Bloggers Society as they they co-organized the Social Media Influencers Summit together with iNewMedia Online Network.

For the past few years, social media has now taken the front row seat when it comes to knowing the latest news, the funniest photos, the most trending and most viral subjects one could ever imagine. The aim of this event is to put 300 social media influencers under one roof while sharing best practices, setting ethical standards, and promote social media responsibility.

The first ever summit in Cebu has chosen a theme for this year: “Trending” + “Forward”

With the advent of social media websites likes Twitter and Facebook, the word “Trending” has now been instilled as part of our daily conversation. Trending means the general direction in which something tends to move. We used to hear the word “headline” when something is creating a major buzz in the society but the timely word to use now is “trending.”

“Forward” on the other hand means the innovation that a social media influencer must conduct to attract his target audience.

The summation of these two words will unite the diverse crowd which will fill the venue with curiosity  enthusiasm, and dynamism.

The main organizer of Social Media Influencers Summit is iNewMedia Online Network. iNewMedia is a non-profit organization that aims to share its knowledge about new media technologies to the public.

Cebu Bloggers Society is the co-organizer of this event. The group is SEC registered and is one of the most prestigious blogging organizations in the Philippines

Proceeds of Social Media Influencers Summit will be for our 3 beneficiaries:

These are the speakers of this event. To view the final list of speakers, please check the Social Media Influencers Summit  official website.

  • Hannah Almira Amora – Facebook Success Story: How we raised 1 Million Pesos in 3 Months
  • Atty. Ethelbert Ouano – Minding Your Social Media Rights and Responsibilities
  • Janette Toral – Am I a Social Media Influencer?
  • Fitz Gerard Villafuerte – Maximizing the Use of Social Media for your Business
  • Lisa Marie Mirasol – Social Media for Advocacy Success Story: One for Iligan of Iligan Bloggers Society

We would like to thank our sponsors for making things possible.

Official Venue and Co-Presentor

Platinum Sponsor
Bronze Sponsor
Patron Sponsor

To get updates, visit the official website of Social Media Influencers Summit here http://summit.socialmedia.org.ph.

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