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Take Charge of Your Health Now and Quit Becoming a Living Zombie

Are you a person who wants to take charge of your health now? Are you very sick and tired of your life? Do you wake up everyday feeling out of control and dull? Are you stressed with all the shenanigans that confine you to your life today?

If you have answered YES to all of the questions above, I guess it’s time for you to sit back and contemplate if the life that you have now is the life you have always wanted.

Are you interested to take 100% charge of your health and wellness, learn how to prevent or cure diseases the proper way, have lesser or no sick leaves on your day job, learn techniques to properly manage stress, be more productive at work, and live life to the fullest while exuding positive aura to every person you meet?

If you have answered YES to all the questions again, you got an excellent news!

4 experts from 4 different industries will be sharing their knowledge in 4 hours while taking a holistic approach to your overall health and wellness. Since pure discussion is a total bore, their fun and high-spirited team will bring you a total educational experience that is filled with various learning activities.

Alive! The Body’s Secret Manual To Perfect Health is a 4 hour holistic training tailored for the everyday you! This workshop will help you take charge of your health now.

The workshop will happen on March 23, 2013 (Saturday) Wellnessland Health Institute located in 314-C Sikatuna Street, Barangay Zapatera, Cebu City.



PART 1. Health Made Incredibly Simple

Dr. Romy Paredes, MD, CMT, Founder, Wellnessland Health Insitute

  • The Divine Design of Human Beings
  • The Root Cause of All Diseases
  • The Bottomline Solution to All Diseases
  • The Ideal Diet

PART 2. The Journey to Your Ideal Weight and Better Life

Jakki Lucero, Wellness Manager, BidOcean International

  • From 154lbs to 121lbs with NO SWEAT
  • The Sexy Green Smoothies
  • Pure White-Buco Cleanse
  • Everyday Energy Boost Guide

PART 3. Stress Management

Coach Tony Conahap, Business Consultant, Author “Mu-asenso Ka Pinoy!

  • What You Don’t Know About Stress
  • The Cure to Stress in 6 Easy Steps
  • Why Worry? Be Happy

PART 4. Fully Alive

Coach Hanz Florentino, Creative Director, Author “Rich Real Radical”

  • Are You a Living Zombie
  • 21 Life Hacks on Body Mind and Spirit from Sun Up to Sun Down

Aside from the outline, these powerful inputs will also blow your mind:

  • Understanding the Design of our Body
  • How to Prevent and Cure Stress
  • Practical Solution to Sicknesses and Diseases
  • Identifying your ideal body weight and achieving it
  • Starting your new healthy diet
  • Easy Healthy Food Preparation – Smoothies and Buko
  • Energy Healing Techniques for Everyday Life
  • Understanding the causes and overcoming stress
  • Stress Busting Techniques for Everyday Life
  • Personal Motivational Tips
  • Listening to Your Body
  • How to Be Happy with Your Feelings
  • Sun Up to Sun Down Techniques to Keep You Fit
  • And so many more…

Good News! We have an EARLY BIRD PROMO!

If you pay before March 15, Get 50% OFF! Pay only Php 350!

For discounted rate from March 16-22, pay only Php 495!

For walk-in Rates on March 23 pay Php 700! (If you still have a seat!)


Join this awesome workshop by visiting One Percent Circle here: http://onepercentcircle.com/mt_gallery/alive-wellness-workshops. All the details on how to reserve a slot can be found there.

Take Charge of Your Health Now!

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