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Globe Customer Care Goes Online

Globe Telecom initiated the very first expansive online tel-co community here in the Philippines which allows both Globe and non-Globe users to inquire, acknowledge, and gain comprehension about its commodities and ministration.


What is Globe Community?

Globe Community (community.globe.com.ph) is a social gateway built to promote sharing of information about Globe commodities and ministration on various subject matters concerning the clients like contract renewal inquiries, mobile phone unit inquires, coverage inquiry, and more.  These wonderful features were mobilized by Lithium Technologies, the forerunner in Social Customer Experience.

“At Globe, providing superior customer experience is at the core of everything we do.  Nowadays people turn to online channels to search for help on problems and concerns any time of the day or night.  That is why we have come up with a dedicated forum that will be an avenue for Globe customers or potential customers to interact, discuss, and resolve Globe related concerns and topics,” shares Ernest Cu, Globe President and Chief Executive Officer.

Mobile Version

How to Avail Globe Community Services

To use the services in the online community, one must register at community.globe.com.ph by clicking ‘Register’ or simply ‘Connect to Facebook.’  After the registration process, just click on “Join the Conversation’ to log in.

Globe Community Registration

Since customer satisfaction is a main priority of Globe, they engaged Lithium Social Web to manage inquiries with quick responses on numerous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and other websites.

Globe Community Desktop

Perhaps the most expansive social customer care solutions provider, Lithium Social Web constructed the platform from scratch to cater to the ever dynamic needs and wants of the customers.  The platform spontaneously redirects posts by customers to the proper agencies to maximize efficiency.

Why was Globe Community Created?

“Because of the power of social media, consumers are more empowered than ever before – using social media to convey their comments and inquiries with unprecedented reach and speed.  It’s critical we provide support through any channel our customers wish to engage that is why we have the services of Lithium Social Web.  Lithium’s platform streamlines the workflow from the social web, allowing our online specialists to quickly and efficiently handle our customers various concerns,” shares Cu.

“Our partnership with Lithium, a trusted partner of some of the world’s most iconic brands, is a bold statement of our commitment to innovation in providing the highest quality support and service experience for our customers.  What Globe has launched is a pioneer game changing social customer response in the Philippines and Asia Pacific,” added Cu.

“To succeed in today’s social reality; organizations must meet their customers wherever and however they choose to engage with the brand.  Globe is an innovation leader and this is a game changer in how they are able to take customer response to a new level.  I am incredibly proud that Globe has chosen Lithium as its social business partner,” enthuses Lithium President and Chief Executive Officer Rob Tarkoff.

Globe Community Facebook Integration

Charles Hough, Lithium Senior Vice President in APAC is thrilled and said, “Globe is a pioneer in the Philippines and the broader APAC region in the evolution of the social customer experience.  We are honored to partner with Globe and thrilled to have delivered the first major milestone in this social transformation initiative.”

Globe is now part of Lithium’s international catalog of clients, among of which are Vodafone Australia, Telstra, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Starhub, and Indosat.  Lithium is very proud to have served 4 of the 5 largest telecommunications companies in the globe due to their credibility and track record.  Globe indeed made an intelligent move of affiliating with Lithium.

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