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Bluewater Resorts Present myblueARTh for a Greener World

Bluewater Resorts’ Gift to Mother Earth

April 21 was personally considered as Mother Earth’s birthday because Bluewater Resorts organized a celebration for her, joining the rest of the globe who organized their own parties too; myblueARTh was Bluewater’s signature way of saying “Happy Birthday” to her.

It was the second time that Bluewater Resorts threw a party for Mother Earth and just like last year, the whole day was filled with various activities that awakened one’s love for her.  Whether if you’re a child or child at heart, Bluewater had laid out activities that would suit you well.

Bluewater Resorts Activities

Early in the morning, divers greeted Mother Earth with a much needed clean up.  20 licensed divers from Bluewater Divers and Doc Boy Amores went under the coast to take out what does not belong underwater; garbage! Scubasurero they indeed are!

Image courtesy of Bluewater Resorts
Image courtesy of Bluewater Resorts

By 9 AM, an opening ceremony was held to officially open the fun-filled activites which was for the public to join. Among the activities that composed the opening were prayer for Mother Earth, Earth Day Declaration, Doc Boy Amores delivering a environmental speech, ceremonial pledging and hanging of wind chimes as well as distribution of certificates to the volunteers of coastal clean-up.

Image courtesy of Bluewater Resorts
Image courtesy of Bluewater Resorts

One’s artistic side would be delighted in making wind chimes made of recycled materials. The ones featured on the Bamboo House of Chimes were beautiful works of art.  You could see bottle caps, diskette, kitchen utensils, and colorful bottles all made into visual and auditory faves.  It was aptly dubbed Huni sa Hangin or Hymn of the Wind.

Image courtesy of Bluewater Resorts

If you’re the one who enjoys writing personal greetings or pledges for Mother Earth, you could have filled the HumaniTREE message board all by yourself! As for my favorite message, I picked the one penned by Ka Bino Guerrero, one of Cebu’s premier tour managers.

Image courtesy of Channel Imperial
Image courtesy of Bluewater Resorts

10 AM signalled the start of live bands playing cool music. Among the bands who made their impression were Bethany, Martina San Diego, Pohaku and Percussion Duo. They filled the “my blueARTh Music Fest” atmosphere with the acoustic vibe of island life and relaxation.

Bethany posing on the myblueARTh photo wall. Image courtesy of Bluewater Resorts
Martina Sandiego on the myblueARTh photo wall. Image courtesy of Bluewater Resorts

When dusk was approaching, Hiyas ng Bituin gave a contemporary dance as introduction for the USC-CAFA students who presented a fashion show using indigenous and recycled materials for their runway creations. SOme of the materials they used were newspapers, crown caps, cellophane, drinking straws, and plastic cover. It only showed that creativity and resourcefulness would go another mile in the fashion industry.

If you’re the type who just wants to stare at the sky, you would have love to see the sky at dusk being painted with little lights courtesy of the sky lanterns.  “Wishes in the Sky” was an excellent way to cap the whole celebration.

Bluewater Resorts Volunteered To Do Their Part

Not all beach resorts would spend their time to organize series of events that would educated and make people aware about the importance of preserving Mother Earth. myblueARTh is such a commendable feat on their part.

To view more photos and receive official updates, you can visit www.bluewatermaribago.com.ph, the official website of Bluewater Resorts.


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