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e-Leksyon Website and Mobile App Already Put in Motion

e-Leksyon Image courtesy of Solar News

What is e-Leksyon?

e-Leksyon is a website and mobile application launched by Commission on Elections (Comelec) with main function of helping the people become acquainted, knowledgeable, and capacitated with matters regarding the upcoming elections.

Who Created e-Leksyon?

The 2 e-Leksyon platforms were created by Comelec and Bitoopi, Smart Communications’ circle of burgeoning programmers. The platforms were created voluntarily for the service of Comelec and was proposed by Smart’s developer community program, Smart Developer Network.

Image Courtesy of Comelec. Comelec helped in the creation of e-Leksyon.

Image courtesy of Web Geek. Smart DevNet helped in the creation of e-Leksyon.

What are the Features of e-Leksyon?

The main feature of the mobile application is to resemble the process of sample ballot filling, which is a good way for voters to take practice on the proper way of shading.

The website on the other hand enables the users to learn all that is needed to be learned about Comelec, may it be the rules for the campaign period, searching of your designated precinct, as well as publicizing violators through uploading of photos or transmitting reports.

Before any information in the web interface would be uploaded, identities would be verified first through the use of validation codes.  Only the verified users can therefore have their contributed information seen publicly in e-Leksyon.

The e-Leksyon web interface is reachable by visiting http://report.mycomelec.tv on internet-powered devices like laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

The e-Leksyon mobile application also serves the same functions of the web interface.  It is a very convenient way of reporting election details and events in far-flung areas even if internet connection is not available.  The app saves the details of the report and sends them by the time internet connectivity is accessible.

Information like photos and reports are put in safe keeping in the web server, which is only accessible to Comelec authorities.  They can be stored for future usage or as evidence to prove violations.  Comelec is managing the web interface and mobile application of e-Leksyon while Bitoopi is tasked to assist them with technical matters.

iOs device owners will be the first few ones to avail the e-Leksyon 2013 of Comelec, which is now readily available through the Apple iTunes app store.  The Android version of the software will be announced at a later date.

“As we move closer to the May 13 elections, we see the informational and educational features such as the practice sample ballot will be important in making sure that your vote will count. We hope that this can be an additional channel for voters education,” shares Spokesperson for Comelec, Director James Jimenez.

“The team behind Bitoopi who generously gave their time and effort to make the official e-Leksyon services for Comelec are young voters and quite representative of a new generation of ‘apptivist’ developers who make apps and services for social good. We’re happy to support this spirit of volunteerism in Smart,” enthuses Ramon R. Isberto, Smart public affairs group head.

The genesis of e-Leksyon can be traced to the online interactions of Paul Pajo who responded a tweet to Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez about the need of developing services in line with the growing internet connectivity of the public.  The Smart DevNet group knew about this matter through Pajo’s efforts.

A contingent from Smart created a prototype which was later on presented to Comelec and fine tuning was made to suit the applications to the demands of Comelec.  Smart DevNet provided the technical support and resources by allowing their employees to work on this project.

“It’s a great example of mobile developers lending their skills to help the country. We’d like to encourage more examples of volunteerism and public service among members of our developer community. If software developers want to apply their skills to help solve national problems, the community is here to help them,” shares Jim Ayson, senior manager for partner management and developer relations at Smart.

Smart is dedicated to their advocacy of empowering the people and encourage them to participate in matters regarding the state, by affiliating with numerous media and private groups;  Interaksyon and the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines for first timers in voting with #YouthVote2013, blogwatch.ph for #juanvote, Sunstar Cebu; and #votesmart campaign of Rappler.

Smart has also provided ABS-CBN and GMA 7 connectivity and technological support while negotiations are still on going for watch groups like Philippine Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV).

Comelec is very positive that Filipinos will be able to have a vital education tool that will make the Filipino voting experience more significant through e-Leksyon.

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