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All Rise for the Rice 2013 Conference Kickoff

Otherwise known as RICE 2013, the very 1st Regional Innovation Conference of Education will be inaugurated in 8 regions nationwide.  This conference is a result of the partnership of Industrial Engineering Council of Cebu Institute of Technology, National Association of UNESCO Clubs in the Philippines (NAUCP), and Go Ahon Pilipinas, Inc.

Image courtesy of RICE 2013 Visayas Facebook Page
Image courtesy of RICE 2013 Visayas Facebook Page

Rice 2013 Theme

The Rice 2013 inception garnered the theme “My World, My Philippines, My Province: Moving Towards the Post 2015 Regional Education Agenda.”

Rice 2013 Participants

About 300 youth leaders, basic and higher education teachers, local government units who advocate the youth and employment, financial enterprises, NGOs and manufacturing experts will dynamize existing partnerships and indoctrinate plans of solving educational gaps as well as hitting the EFA goals for 2015 and beyond. Various productivity counters have been anticipated: inculcate awareness to the regions with updates of education Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) and Education for All (EFA), keeping in mind the mission and vision of UNESCO for EFA, encouraging more acts of volunteerism to rise with the help of EDSA People Power Commission and Go Ahon Pilipinas, and increasing the NAUCP members by affiliating with UNESCO.

Image courtesy of RICE 2013 Visayas Facebook Page

Rice 2013 official date

Rice 2013 Visayas will commence on May 4, 2013 at CIT University Auditorium in N. Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City.

For additional information regarding the conference, you may send your inquiries to Mr. Frederick Letigio (RICE 2013 Visayas Partnership & Promotions Committee Chair) at 0916-411-0305 or by sending him an email at rice2013visayas@gmail.com.  Prof. Alein Navares (NAUCP External Vice President and Visayas Lead Convener) can also be connected at 0923-180-6336 for more Rice 2013 information.

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