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Choobi Choobi Specialties That You Should Try

If you haven’t guess it by now, Choobi Choobi is a native restaurant that recently opened its doors to the Cebuano public. Their opening night last July 6, 2013 was a great success! Solenn Heusaff was even there to celebrate with us.

Cebu Bloggers Society was invited once more to try out the specialties of the house yesterday, July 22, 2013.

Here are the dishes that blew us away.

Choobi Choobi Specialties

This is Choobi Choobi’s Lola Pepang’s Fried Manok Bisdak. This chicken is a recipe from their great-grandmother and has been passed on for 4 generations already!

When I got a taste of it, I did not wonder why it was being kept like an heirloom.

It was sumptuous but to what ingredients made it so delicious? Nobody knows except the Tanchans!

The original recipe called for native chicken but since it’s not easy to supply a steady number of native chickens, the Tanchans opted for the kind of chicken we usually eat nowadays.

Even so, it’s still delicious!

What do you get when you mix frying, adobo, and goat meat? You will get the Fried Adobong Kanding!

Just look at that! Seems like a carnivore’s platter of heaven. Choobi Pata has the right amount of fatty and meaty parts that make up a perfect crispy pata. I always go for the meaty part. It had the right tenderness and was easy to chew. It had a distinct taste as well, which seems like the taste of Chinese herbs to my tongue.

This is Choobi Choobi Balbacua. I honestly haven’t tried a lot of balbacua before but this is the first time I saw balbacua being served like this. The dish goes perfectly well with bagoong.

Choobi Choobi Ultimate Must Try

Does this dish need an introduction? If I am to decide, no introductions are needed. For the benefit of those who don’t know, this is Choobi Choobi Shrimp in a Bag!

This is 1 pound of fresh shrimp which they personally culture on their farms. Mixed with corn on a cob and 5 sauces to choose from, this is definitely good to eat using bare hands!

You can either have the shrimps in Choobi Choobi Sauce, Whaah! Sauce, Spicy Gata, Butter Garlic, or Sauteed in Garlic.

I was very happy to see my fellow blogger, Mary Narvasa, enjoying every bit of shrimp she could get. Her plate was full of shrimp exoskeleton! It’s that good!

Surprisingly, this is my favorite! This is Cha Tao Miao or stir fried snow pea sprouts! I just love veggies! Period! I ended up finishing 3/4 of this plate.

Shrimp Tempura! Filipinos just can’t get enough of these!

Grilled Pampano made its way to the menu of Choobi Choobi. Why? It’s one of the best fish you can grill!

Okiname Tuna Belly is also one of my favorites. I just love tuna. Plus it’s grilled! Yummy!

Choobi Choobi Contact Details

If you are just going to watch the photos, I guess there’s something wrong with you. If you happen to be in Parkmall at Mandaue City, make Choobi Choobi the top of your restaurant list.

They are open everyday from 10 AM – 2 PM and 5 PM – 10 PM.

For reservations, you can contact them at (032) 422-8686.

To get updates, visit the Facebook page of Choobi Choobi and click like!

Choobi Choobi is under the management of Crinnovent Corp.

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