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Choobi Choobi Opens Up a Bag of Happiness

There’s a new native restaurant in town which let’s you enjoy a bag of happiness, happiness of which only Choobi Choobi could bring! July 6, 2013 proved to be a very memorable day for the Tanchans as they finally opened their family recipes to the public in Parkmall.

Where did the name Choobi Choobi come from?

Choobi Choobi happiness in a bag (photo courtesy of Cebu Photo Blog)
Choobi Choobi happiness in a bag (photo courtesy of Cebu Photo Blog)

“The name Choobi Choobi was inspired by my grandmother who, after eating a great meal, would say ‘choobi choobi,” restaurant owner Stan Tanchan enthuses. “It’s a Chinese word that loosely translates to ‘lingaw lingaw’ in Cebuano. Choobi Choobi is a restaurant that offers good food at reasonable prices, which is what the typical Cebuano wants. We want everyone to experience the joy of eating without having to worry about the price.”

Filipino dishes are the star of the table. When it comes to freshness of ingredients, you can be assured to get the best quality that they could offer because they have a farm that cultures shrimps and  prawns. They also grow their own organic vegetables and chickens! Wow! For an organic food junkie like me, this is a major plus!

As mentioned earlier, a bag of happiness is served in Choobi Choobi. Are you already curious about this?

The Choobi Choobi Bag of Happiness

If lechon is the star of the noche buena feast, their ‘Shrimp In The Bag’ is the star of their menu! This happiness in a bag is a pound of the freshest shrimp combined with corn on a cob and bathed with the sauce of your choice. For only Php 350.00, you can never go wrong with this.

Have your way with spicy gata, butter garlic, or sauteed in garlic sauce or you can have it the mild and spicy way, or the extra spicy whaah! sauce.

Solenn Heusaff is joined by Stan Chan and family on the opening of Choobi Choobi (photo courtesy of Cebu Photo Blog)
Solenn Heusaff is joined by Stan Chan and family on the opening of Choobi Choobi (photo courtesy of Cebu Photo Blog)

“Another specialty I am very fond of is the ‘Lola Pepang’s Fried Manok Bisdak. This was my great-grandmother’s recipe and is served at family gatherings until now,” continued Tanchan.

Other restaurants may offer the usual menu which we seen in almost every one of them, but Choobi Choobi chose to do it differently, by adding a new twist to favorite Filipino dishes.


“We also cook Cebuano favorites in new ways, such as the fried adobong kanding, the krispy balbacua, and a special stuffed squid. Our customers are really enjoying these dishes, and it looks like these will be a mainstay in our menu,” shares Tanchan.

Must Try Choobi Choobi Specialties

You have to try the specialties of the house to complete your Choobi Choobi experience. It is a must that you try their grilled pompano fish, Okiname tuna panga, Okiname tuna belly, belly dancer, Choobi pata, and their refreshing Choobi house blend iced tea.

The opening day of Choobi Choobi was made glittery by the presence of the lovely Miss Solenn Heusaff. A raffle draw was made and lucky winners were able to dine with her that night! A notable singer and performer, she showcased her voice alongside with Cebu local band Euphoria. Gift certificates and t-shirts were also given away!

Choobi Choobi is open daily from 11 AM to 10 PM and can be reached at (032) 422-8686.

To get the freshest updates, like the Facebook page of Choobi Choobi.

Choobi Choobi is managed by Crinnovent Corp.

  • Contact Number: +63 32 347 2987
  • Email: info@crinnovent.com

Try Choobi Choobi now!

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