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Tomato Time is Now in Cebu

Tomato Time is one of the most fashionable and affordable watches from Manila. They are elegant, affordable, and can match your individual style and fashion statement.

Expensive and very stylish timepieces with excellent quality and craftsmanship unfortunately come with astronomical price tags. If in the past, only the rich could look expensive and fashionably stylish, not anymore with the soon-to-open Tomato Time kiosk at the Upper Ground Level of SM City Cebu on July 19, 2013!

Tomato Time is Affordable Fashion

Now, you too can easily look fashionable stylish and even pricey.

From the Tomato Fashion Brand, known for fashionable and affordable apparel, (and in all the major malls in Metro Manila), now comes elegant, fashionable timepieces for every individual for any lifestyle, status, gender, age, and inclination.

At unbelievable affordable prices starting at only P500.00!!!. Now you can match your watch to your fashion statement of the day or even mood of the moment.

And all watches come with a one-year warranty and Japan movement.

The widest variety of watches to suit any personality or lifestyle.

Need instant everyday fashionable style? Tomato Time Casual Timepieces. They are everyday, anywhere, day and night stylish and fashionable. Casual magically becomes strikingly fashionable with Tomato Time!

Need to stand out in the corporate arena? Look like you’ve already arrived with Tomato Time Corporate Watches. Exude the confidence, the smarts, head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Need to subtlety draw attention at socials? Wear Party/Fashion Tomato Time timepieces. Glamour and couture radiate tastefully!

Climbing any mountains lately? Or probably joining a race? Complete that sporty competitive look with Tomato Time’s Sporty watches!

The aura of elegance and sophistication of high-end brands plus Tomato Time’s practical affordability is your formula for fashionable success.

For the more adventurous, forever positive and forever young, who want to color and nuance their every vibrant mood, SWAP is your perfect match!

Swap is Tomato Time’s most exciting watch introduction this year!

It’s young, fresh, fun, vibrant, versatile and it’s affordable fashion!

Swap is about expressing your forever young outlook in life inside out! Not a trend nor a fad. It’s a lifestyle!

Whatever your interests, preferences, talents, individual characteristics or even the kind of work you have or talent you posses that define your personality, there is a perfect Swap watch for you!

Go crazy and explode in colors of Swap! It’s your sweetest arm candy wherever you go!

It’s fun and so easy to wear. Just match any Swap watch face with any Swap strap of your choice and you’ve got your own SWAP watch that reflects your mood and style for the day! You can even swap Swap watch faces and straps with your friends, family, boyfriends and girlfriends and co-workers. Have the most colorful and amazing time mix and matching your Swap with your outfits

All Swap watches have stainless steel case back, are 3 atm water resistant, hypoallergenic silicone strap and come with a one year warranty on its Japan made mechanism.

Initially, Swap silicone straps are available in 30 different colors and 22 exciting watchface designs that you can Swap anyway you want!

Every month, a new theme of exciting graphic watchface designs will be available. From various themes and interests such as sports, movies, characters, superheroes, places and even fashion patterns, designs and trends, the new SWAP watchfaces will keep you updated to what is hip and hot!

For the SWAP straps, a new batch of more fabulous colors will be available every quarter so you can keep updating your SWAP collection!
All Swap watches are now available at the new Tomato Time kiosk located at the Upper Ground Level of SM City Cebu!

Swap watchface are priced affordably at P500 and Swap silicone straps at P350. Available in limited supply are SWAP starter kits for P1,000 that come with 2 silicone straps and 1 watchface of your choice!

With SWAP, you can be yourself and show the world the different exciting you everyday of the week and anytime of the day or night! Feel free to express yourself with SWAP, My Watch. My Way!

So what are you waiting for? Mag #SWAPkanaCEBU !

Tomato Time will Finally Open on July 19, 2013 at SM City Cebu

Get your Tomato Time watches at SM City Cebu! For our opening promo on July 19, 2013, The first 30 customers will get P300 off their first purchase and the next 20 customers will get a 30% off on their next Tomato Time purchase!

Tomato Time Grand Alchology Swap Party on July 20

Also, be at the Grand Alchology Swap Party on July 20 and witness the 2013 100 Prettiest Alchology Girls walk the ramp in their SWAP tees and SWAP watches! Get the chance to win 10 SWAP Starter Kits (1 watch face and 2 watch straps per kit) by just going to the event. This is open to the public at regular Alchology entrance rates. See you there CEBU!

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