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Smart Lets the Good Overflow through payITfwd

Ordinary people we meet everyday could be vessels of exceptional achievements that could contribute much needed positive change in our world, and Smart is well aware of this fact so they decided to establish payITfwd. These ordinary people could be your neighbor who trains housewives to learn the art of sewing or your high school teacher who spends his day off in the slum areas to teach for free.

PayITFwd is another project by Smart (photo courtesy of Smart)
PayITFwd is another project by Smart (photo courtesy of Smart)

Being the leader in wireless connectivity, Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) will be rewarding these acts of generosity and compassion with the step-up they deserve, via payITfwd, the latest social advancement enterprise that aspires to disseminate “smart acts” in our society by using technology.

Goal of PayITfwd

“The goal is to support, promote, expand, enhance, reward and enable social good efforts that foster learning through technology. With payITfwd, social good advocates can scale up and even encourage the public to support their cause,” shares Smart Public Affairs Group head Ramon Isberto.

Through this enterprise, Smart will be searching for groups or individuals that have already contributed so much to the society with their community-based activities that foster improvement of knowledge in disaster readiness, environment, health, livelihood, sports, and education.

How to Join payITfwd

Interested parties may submit their entries in video format which shows an overview of their cause, its effect to the recipients, and how technology could further assist them in spreading the benefits of their cause.

A two-round selection procedure was initiated by Smart starting May 21 to July 31 and August 16 to October 31, wherein 20 entries will be selected this year. The participants will be judged according the outcome of their project to their recipients, its innovation and contemplated use of technology. Social media will be used in the voting process to determine the winning entries.

The 10 participants for each round will be receiving a technology bundle which includes 1 Smart Bro Pocket Wi-Fi, Php 3,000.00 worth of Smart Bro load, 5 tablets, and Php 50,000.00 cash!

“While technology can facilitate efficiency in operations and help expand reach, access to these is often a luxury for community-based initiatives. The program will allow them easy access to such technology simply by reporting what they have already done and are targeting to achieve with the help of technology. This utilizes Smart’s technology solutions to help the spread of social goog,” enthuses Smart Public Affairs manager for education programs Stephanie Orlino.

“Technology not only increases access to learning but enables these smart acts to spread its benefits to more communities thus keeping the ‘good’ going,” Orlino added.

Smart aspires to augment learning opportunities of target recipients through wise use of technology.

PayITfwd Mechanics

For more information and complete mechanics of payITfwd, you can drop by www.smart.com.ph/payITfwd.

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