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The 3RS of Blogging For Newbies

When someone asks me for help in putting up a blog, a warm and happy feeling always builds up inside me, so I created blogging for newbies. I remember how I felt when I first created my own blog: I stayed up all night and did not notice that the sun was already up because I wanted to beautify it more; I created my own header, did link exchanges, and crafted some pages! It was addictive.

Nowadays, more and more youth resort to having their diaries digitized. Thus, if you are one of those newbies who have decided to share stories to the world wide web, here are a few tips and reminders.

Blogging For Newbies photo courtesy of Instant Money Formula
Blogging For Newbies photo courtesy of Instant Money Formula

The 1st R in Blogging For Newbies is Reason

You must have a goal before putting up a blog. If you want to use it to earn in the future, then you must think of a niche. The popular ones these days are fashion and technology. However, most blogs with movies, hollywood, finance, and health posts get more offers.

I want to emphasize the words “in the future” though. One of the greatest mistakes of new bloggers is thinking that after a month, a blog will now generate income. An income-generating blog needs tenure, great content, and a wide audience to receive offers. I suggest that you first focus on the content of your blog for six months to a year before starting to contact advertisers. Getting your own domain is also a necessity. Trust me on this!

Meanwhile, if money is not on your mind and you simply want to express yourself, then write to your heart’s content. You can start putting up a blog at Blogspot, Tumblr, or WordPress. All are easy to use and are free of charge.

The 2nd R in Blogging For Newbies is Respect

If your blog is now set-up, be ready to showcase it to the world. One of the tedious tasks in blogging is getting people to read your posts. Though others want to keep their online diaries private; knowing that someone, somewhere is spending their precious time reading what you have posted gives you, as the author, a sense of pride and gratification.

For blogs with a niches, the audience must be targeted. What I learned from experience is that the best way to gain loyal readers is to post really good content in an entertaining way. However, you have to do some work to get it started. You can join groups in Facebook about blogging and you can also visit sites with similar content/niche as yours.

What I always instill in a new blogger’s mind is the value of respect. Truth is, not everyone will like and agree to everything that you post; the same way as how you will find other’s posts not so interesting. However, you must remember that behind those words are feelings and personals views which you must respect.

Blogging For Newbies photo courtesy of Oscarmini
Blogging For Newbies photo courtesy of Oscarmini

The 3rd R in Blogging For Newbies is Reward

Perhaps the greatest reward in blogging is being able to touch other’s lives. The thought of having the opportunity to inspire even just one reader fuels my passion to blog even more. What also keeps me going in this so called “blogosphere” is the people in it. I have gained really awesome online friends whom I share my adventures with. By also reading their posts, I feel that I am a part of their lives despite the distance.

I have known others who lives on blogging. They feed their families with the income they get through paid posts and advertisements in their blogs. I have read about stories like these everywhere and I learned that the key to making it work is to really put your heart to it.

With that being said, I hope more and more young ones, as well as those who are young at heart, will be into blogging. As for me, it is no longer just a hobby, it’s a passion. Blogging for newbies has now been made easy!

[author image=”https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/q71/945876_278022139009666_779328407_n.jpg” ]Mary Narvasa is a former corporate slave who is currently enjoying her life that has more freedom. According to her, she started enjoying the best sleep after resigning from her former employer. Find out more about this beautiful gal at www.marynarvasa.com[/author]

The 3RS of Blogging For Newbies by Mary Narvasa

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