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Withlocals Will Soon Introduce an International Social Travel Trend to the Philippines

Have a talent in the kitchen, love your local area and want to show it off? Have a skill you want to share? What about hosting your own home dinner serving your famous mechado or lechon, show travelers your favorite markets and food stalls, or teach them your number one skill from traditional fishing to jewelry making or boxing?

Withlocals announces its launch in the Philippines with the goal to create unique dining and travel experiences for travelers. The Asian-oriented peer-to-peer travel marketplace expands to the 8th country, the Philippines. Launched in 2013, Withlocals is already a big hit in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Nepal.

Withlocals.com is part of the international social travel trend together with companies like AirBNB (homestays) and Uber (Transportation). Withlocals is the first platform to introduce the concept of “home restaurants” in Asia, offering travelers a unique local twist on dining at traditional restaurants.

Filipinos can earn money with things they are passionate about, from sharing their favourite meal, to show local hidden gems or share unique personal skills– joining Withlocals is simple and useful. This way, hosts can make new friends, earn money and be great ambassadors of their beautiful country.


Co-founder Marijn Maas: “What you see is that the travel world is changing. There is a shift from the more common all-inclusive holidays, to holidays in which you experience more of the local culture and customs. Travelers want to really taste the local flavour and experience their destination.

That is now possible with Withlocals, in a manner that really benefits the local people.Why not become a host and earn money doing what you love most!”

About Withlocals

Withlocals, founded in May 2013 in the Netherlands, is the online marketplace where travelers can directly book home dinners, tours and activities with the local Asian people, without intervention of other travel organisations. Withlocals provides people with the opportunity to earn money with what they are good at. Withlocals connects people and cultures via the three categories ‘Eat Withlocals’, ‘Tours Withlocals’ and ‘Activities Withlocals’. More information: www.withlocals.com.



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