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Satisfy Your Japanese Food Cravings at the Bonifacio District

Enjoy Authentic Japanese Food Brands like CoCo Ichibanya, Mitsuyado Sei-men, and UCC Clockwork in Cebu’s Bonifacio District

Craving for any Japanese food? Cebu has a lot of options for you. From fine dining to fastfoods, you’ll find many of the best Japanese dining establishments in the Queen City of the South.

If you’re not sure where to go or you’ve already tried the Japanese food establishments in the Malls, do check out these must-try Japanese brands at the Bonifacio District here in Cebu City.

CoCo ICHIBANYA, the Number One Japanese Curry House in the World

Aside from India, Curry is one of the most popular dishes in Japan that has likewise captured the taste buds of many Filipinos. So if you’re looking for authentic Japanese curry in Cebu, there’s no other place to go to than CoCo ICHIBANYA – the World’s Number One Japanese Curry House!

Take your pick from various authentic Japanese curry dishes—chicken, pork, beef, and vegetables. You can also choose the spiciness of your curry from level 1 being the least spicy to 10 being the spiciest.
Try the Chicken Cutlet Curry if your not too adventurous in trying something new. Highly recommend!

Mouthwatering Tsukemen & Ramen Choices At Mitsuyado Sei-men

Mitsuyado Sei-men specializes in Tsukemen (thick dipping noodles), which you can enjoy with the dipping sauce and topping of your choice. Popular dishes include Yuzu Tsukemen, Double Cheese Tsukemen, and Karashi Tsukemen.

Yuzu Tsukemen with Chicken Karaage

The restaurant’s ramen offerings include the Tonkotsu Ramen, a pork-based broth, and Torigara Ramen, using a chicken soup base with thinner noodles. All the noodles at Mitsuyado Sei-men are freshly made using premium ingredients and are dipped into a rich and savory sauce, or served in a flavorful broth. Both ramen and tsukemen bowls come in three sizes, suitable for different appetite levels.

Mitsuyado Sei-men offers donburi (rice bowl) options as well. They include the Chicken Black Pepper Don, Gyu Don, Katsu Don, and Ebi Tempura Don. Enjoy these dishes with Gyoza, Chicken Karaage, or Spicy Tuna.

If you order the Kori-Kohi, you’ll be serve a coffee in mini-ice cubes and a glass of milk & sweet syrup.

Distinct Japanese-Style Coffees and Delicious Dishes at UCC Clockwork

A warm cup of UCC coffee paired with a pastry is what frequent diners at UCC Clockwork look forward to. Whether they’re having breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snacks, they know that they’ll never go wrong in visiting one of the most recognizable Japanese food concepts in the country today.

That’s because like its branches in other countries, UCC in the Philippines has successfully lived up to the promise made by its Japanese founder, Tadao Ueshima: “Deliver flavorful coffee to as many people as possible anytime and anywhere.”

UCC is one of the first Japanese food concepts that was introduced into the Philippines by Young 19 years ago. Among UCC’s more popular coffee choices include the Sumiyaki blend, Kori Kohi, and Honey Brûlée Cappuccino.

UCC Clockwork also offers a full menu to complement its coffees. Its food items include pastas, pastries, all day breakfast and main dishes—all prepared with the same care and quality as its coffees. Choices include the Corned Beef Hash Benedict, Mango Crepe Samurai, Clockwork Monte Cristo, and Truffle Mushroom Pasta and Berries and Cream French Toast Tower, among others.

“If you have a craving for authentic Japanese food here in Cebu, you can pick out any of these three establishments to dine at,” Hubert Young – the entrepreneur who brought these brands here in Cebu, adding that due to the warm reception these restaurants have received, he is bringing in more Japanese food concepts in the country in the near future.

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