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Women Gets to Shine at this Year's Startup Weekend Cebu

Startup Weekend Cebu Women Edition Goes Global

Now on its 2nd year, the Startup Weekend Cebu Women Edition will have participants get the chance to formulate their startup ideas and compete in an international arena as the business pitch event goes global this year.

The Startup Weekend Cebu Women Edition encourages women to create business ideas that will specifically help women. “This edition is special because it is not only focused on uplifting women but we are also going global,” said Maryanne Apale, Lead Organizer of Startup Weekend Cebu Women Edition.

Happening on September 27-29,2019 at the KMC Solutions, IT Park, the 3-day event will have designers, developers, marketers, and startup enthusiasts to come together to pitch, build a prototype, present to a panel of judges, and possibly launch startups all in one weekend. Participants will have to consider factors such as relevance of the product, sustainability, and marketability to make a winning startup idea. The winning team will pick a representative and will be flying to Singapore for free to compete with other international teams by October 2019.

Tickets starts at Php700.00. You can also visit the Startup Weekend Cebu Women Edition Event page for more info.

About Startup Weekend Cebu
Startup Weekend Cebu is part of the Startup Weekend events by Techstars held across cities around the world during the month of September. It was started because of the belief boosting entrepreneurship can sow the seeds for a better future; and encouraging local initiatives can have a huge global impact and foster more diversity and inclusion.

Over 4,000 StartupWeekends have been hosted in more than 1,400 cities, in 140 countries all over the world with 234,000+ global participants to date.

The event is made possible through the support of KMC Solutions, Department of Trade and lndustry,Payoneer, Picnic Health Philippines, Sole Searchin, Bubble Tea Station, Google BusinessGroup-Cebu, Payruler, The Inspire Team, Symph, Starteohup Inc, Qavalo, Mynimo, Aspace Cebu, The Company Cebu, PRWorks, Ambidextr Media, Ms. Carly Jasie, and the Third Team Media.

For more information, you can contact Startup Weekend Cebu at 09177799605 or via email atcebu@startupweekend.org. You can also visit their Facebook @swcebu.

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