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Beat Metro Cebu Traffic With Angkas

Don’t Want to be Late for a Meeting? Skip the Traffic and Go for an Angkas!

Daily commute has become a challenge especially with the worsening traffic situation here in Metro Cebu. Good thing that Angkas, a motorcycle taxi ride-hailing service, is here to give Cebuanos a timely option to survive the daily gridlocks and reach their destinations on time.

“Angkas is an innovative and timely traffic solution that Cebuanos need and we are happy to offer this service to help commuters reach their destinations in a fast, convenient, and affordable way,” said Angeline Tham, Angkas Founder and CEO.

Aside from convenience, Angkas has proven that it’s one of the safest form of public transportation. Their biker-partners, aside from holding professional driver’s licencse, are strictly screened and are given thorough safety training before being allowed to service passengers. And for everyone to know, both the biker and passengers are also entitled to insurance in every trip.

“We are all aware of how Angkas puts a premium on the safety of the passengers, the bikers, and everyone else on the road,” she noted. “And this is something that we are proud of.”

With safety of the biker-partners and their passengers as their utmost priority, Angkas held the very first “Angkas Safety Fiesta” in Cebu last September 15, 2019 at the Plaza Independencia, Cebu City. The 12-hour event featured a safety seminar and skills training session for their biker-partners, a dental mission, free haircut and massage for the participants, and a Gymkhana tournament. The Event also served as an onboarding activity for new Angkas biker-partners, with the objective of being able to service more Cebuano commuters at a time.

With over 5,000 biker-partners in Metro Cebu, Angkas is more than prepared to take on the task of ferrying commuters to where they need to go. Although traffic in Metro Cebu is still an ongoing problem, Angkas will continue to help Cebuanos by not only providing an efficient transport option, but also providing a decent means of livelihood for motorcycle owners.

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